Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ag Unit: Home/School Connection

One of my favorite parts of our unit were the home school connections.  A home school connection brings the information learned at school home to discuss with the parents.  That way the parents know what their kids are learning at school, the knowledge the child gained is shared with the family (so the family learns it too), and it lets the parents extend that information if they choose. 

During this unit we did 3 home school connections (but, I only took pictures of two - sorry!).  When they bring them back the next day they stand in front of the class and tell us who they talked to, what they taught them, and what they learned from their family.  It is a great review for the rest of the class!

The first was the day we did the cotton mind map
This student put some cotton on her paper - I was amazed! We hadn't talked about cotton balls so at this point we talked about cotton balls and cotton swabs (and of course how smart my students are for knowing that).

This student looked it up online and wrote what she found.  Fine with me! 

This student drew a boll. 

This student drew what cotton is made into.  Number 5 is a dog - cotton can made dog clothes. 

The second was the day our favorite rice farmers came. 

The above student talked with his whole family (including his babies). 

Below, this child drew the rice that they got to take home.

The student drew rice in a bowl and rice on the plant. 

This student glued rice on the plants that she drew.
This last student drew the habitat that growing rice provided for animals. 

I had most of my kids turn their home/school connection the day after our rice farmer visit - which is outstanding!!  That shows what a big impact it had on them. 

The third was the day Bev came to Talk About Trees.  I didn't take picture of these but they were pretty great too!

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