Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Picture Frame to a Chalkboard

I have been in love with chalkboards lately - they are so pretty and you can write on them.  So, I made one and it is really REALLY easy!

I started with this frame from the Goodwill (or as I now will be calling it The Will) for only 49 cents.

Look at the pretty details. 

Take the glass out, clean it and put in on some newspaper. 

Get your chalkboard paint - I bought the spray and it was only $4, so this whole project was $4.50!  I used this can for another project and still have plenty left. 

Paint a coat, let it dry then paint another then let it dry and paint another for good measure.  The can said to paint at least 2 coats so I figured 3 was good. 

Looks great, right?  Let it sit for 24 hours or 72 is you are like me - I figure the more the merrier!

Rub chalk over the whole surface - then wipe off.  And you are done!

Put it back in the frame and you have a great little chalkboard!

This would be perfect at a buffet to label the food or to write a cute message to someone to wake up to in the morning.  You could write a welcome message and hang it on your door.  You could write directions to a game on it (how to play a game at a party not directions to a game but I guess you could do the later also).   You get the idea ... a picture frame chalkboard is pretty amazing!


Viktoria with a K said...

I've been thinking about doing this! Thanks!! :)

Crystal Cattle said...

So cute! I am definitely going to have to do this. Have you see the picture frame whiteboard projects. I love the your picture frame.

teresa said...

Great idea! So simple yet so creative.

Darcie (My Modern Country) said...

This so cute! Recently I was at an auction, where they had a bunch of old antique picture frames, and they sold for very little $$. Unfortunately, I wasn't the buyer, and I am STILL kicking myself!

Nicole said...

Ok, I did this. Absolutely LOVE it. A little sad my chalk doesn't show up, but it's the colored chalk not white so now I'm looking for white, but LOVE this project!