Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Outfit and Uncomfortable Comfort Shoes

 I'm trying to get into the habit of taking at least one outfit post for the week.  
Here is what I wore earlier in the week:

Dress: Max Studio via Norstrom's Rack, Belt: Some cheap brand from DD's Discounts, Flats: Naturalizer

It is still hot here, but has been cooling down in the morning and evening so it is started to feel like Fall at those times.  I thought orange and leopard print would be a fun combination and I was right!  I like it, but I HATE these shoes.  Hate!  They are made by Naturalizer (which is a comfort brand) and they are painfully uncomfortable.  I have a teaching friend that swears by Naturalizer - but they have never been comfortable for me.  I keep trying different styles but they are never comfortable.  I am tossing these in the trash!

It has been so busy with the start of the school year and getting used to another school!  I LOVE my new school - the parents are amazing, the staff is great, and the kids are so much different in the best possible way.  It is going to be a fantastic year!

What have you all been up to?  Are you getting back into a routine?


heidi said...

i agree, orange and leopard is a fun combination and you look great in orange! what a bummer that the shoes are uncomfortable though. i'm glad your school year is going well so far!

andimaxx said...

You look great. Have you tried adding the shoe inserts? Most of my shoes are Aerosoles and they come with enough padding that I can wear them all day long, right out of the box. Good to hear you are teaching at a new school. I retired from teaching a year ago and now I sub whenever they need a teacher.

Deenie said...

Cuteness!!! So glad you made the leap to a new school and that you're loving it! Such a wonderful community...but you already knew that! ;D

Aidan said...

something tells me that i am going to love seeing your outfits from work because they are just tooo damn cute!!!! I totally miss your daily outfit posts though. I wish those would come back.

Viktoria said...

Oh gosh, I hate when that happens! Nothing is more upsetting that uncomfy comfy shoes!! I had a pair of Chacos that ONLY gave me bad blisters on the TOP of my feet. I could wear them five minutes or five hours, didn't matter. It was so disappointing!!

Anyway, YAY for an outfit!! Hope your school year is going well!!

Michelle said...

What a great outfit! We have been back in school since the end of July and looking toward Fall Break, the first week of October. Glad your new school is working out for you!

Sarah said...

LOVE the leopard shoes!!

Sarah @ This farm family's life

WaWS said...

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