Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

 We finished the last room of flooring - finally but it has been worth the wait.

The green walls look amazing with the wood (laminate) flooring and the white molding.  LOVE!! 
Now all we have do to is finish the molding and the hall closet.  
Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Teaching Interview Attire

 The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of change and just overall craziness.  A few weeks ago I heard about an opening in a rural school and applied just to see what would happen.  I went on an interview and was invited back for a second interview.  About an hour or so after the second interview I got a call asking if I want to be their new first grade teacher.  I was shocked!  I'm a good teacher, but there were tons of people that applied and I never thought I would get the job.  Oh, and I didn't mention that I had a position and had started putting my classroom together there - oh, and it was 2 days before school (at my old school) started.  Yeah - craziness!  I excitedly accepted and went to my principal to turn in my letter of resignation.  I have worked there for 4 years and have made some amazing friends so needless to say there were some tears shed when I told my team.  Then, I packed up my classroom with the help of amazing Michael and his sister.  The next day I went to my old school for meetings where the principal announced that I was leaving and I met the teacher taking over my classroom.  I finished packing and moved everything to my new classroom.  The next day I started school (at my old school) with the new teacher (since she wasn't cleared to be in the classroom yet) and had to tell the parents (some of them requested to have me as their teacher) which was hard.  And the next day I started working at my new school.  I told you it has been busy!  We started school this past Wednesday and Back to School Night was Thursday.  Now, finally I am cleaning the house and taking a little break.  

I am so excited about my new school.  I have an amazing class of 14 children (yes - 14!!! I had 24 last year).  My classroom is a normal size (double or triple my old classroom).  I have only been teaching there for 3 days and I LOVE it!!  My parents are amazing - which would explain why their kids rock too!  Our school has spirit and it really is a community school.  It is the perfect fit for me and I can already tell that this is going to be a fantastic year!!  

The beginning of the school year is always very stressful and I always question if I really do what to teach - I didn't do that this year.  I am still stressed trying to get everything done but I am so happy!  I feel like my love of teaching has been renewed! 

 This is what I wore to the first interview. 
The night before my interview I decided that I hate everything in my closet and didn't have anything to wear.  Does everyone do that or just me?  Some of my clothes don't fit right now (I have gained some weight) and of course I wanted to wear the clothes that don't fit which made it even worse.  So, I headed to The 'Will where I found this blazer and top.  I also bought a skirt!  

The day of the interview I tried on the top again and realized it is about 3 sizes too big - I guess I was feeling really large the night before.  The skirt I bought is also too big - let that be a reminded to us all not to go shopping when we are not feeling our best!  The top looks fine under a blazer, so I wore it anyway.  

Top: Goodwill
Blazer: Goodwill
Pencil skirt: New York and Company
Heels: Steinmart

As far as interview attire goes, I am a huge fan of wearing a suit, but I don't own a skirt suit and I wanted to show a little more personality.  Plus, it was HOT and there was no way I was wearing a pant suit.  I went with a skirt and blazer that don't match and a fun colorful top.  Since teachers don't wear suits everyday, this outfit was perfect for an interview.  

Enough about me - How are you?  What would you wear to an interview?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wedding Guest Attire

 We had a wedding last weekend, and it was amazingly perfect.  It is weird that such close friends are now married but exciting at the same time!  Here is what I wore:

 I got this dress about a year and a half ago, or in baby years 18 months.  I also wore it to the Young Farmers and Ranchers dinner and I love it!  I wish I have more events to wear the dress to.  
Dress: Ross (brand is Another Time) - $15
Heels: Stein Mart - $20
Clutch: local vintage shop - $5
bracelets: Target (pearls) and Walmart (silver)
Sunglasses: stolen borrowed from Michael

 And here are some bloopers ...

 Michael being funny.

Michael's suit is from Tuxedo Den - if you need a suit DO NOT rent one from there.  There was something wrong with all of the orders for their wedding.  Michael's jacket was too big and when we took it back they were rude and told us that it did fit.  We insisted on getting a smaller one (the correct size) anyway and as you can see - it fits just fine.  The other jacket covered up his crotch and made him look about a foot shorter - not a good look.  One of the groomsmen had holes in his shoes!  Don't rent from them! 

Anyway, back to the outfit. I love dresses!  Last week, I showed you a casual outfit and now a dressed up outfit.  Variety already ... but, don't get used to it - I am usually pretty boring!

What is your go to outfit for weddings?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Last Name Sign

 I have had an idea rolling around in my head for quite a long time - my BFF just got married and for her bridal shower I wanted to give her a handmade gift that she would cherish.  I thought of a last name plague to hang above their door or in their house somewhere (or in a closet if they don't like it). 
So, here is how I made it:

 My original plan was to use a rectangular piece and router the edges, but on a trip to The 'Will I found this piece for $2.  The shape is nice and I wouldn't have to do any cutting or use the router, so I gave it a go. 
 Sand it

 I had some paint laying around, so I gave it 2 coats.  It was the perfect color, neutral and it just so happens that their wedding colors are grey, burlap, and purple. 

 I played with fonts and sizes until I found what I wanted.  Then (not pictured) I printed them as a mirror image (it was in the print properties).  I worked with one piece at a time and got the paper damp them scraped it with a credit card so the image would transfer (I saw this idea on pinterest).  This do not work very well for me - next time I will try a different method.  Since the words were barely readable, I used a paint pen to go over everything. 

 LOVE it!!  But, it looked a little plain. 
I love the est. 2012!!  I was going to put their wedding date, but planned on making a different sign (still haven't done it) with their date, so I just went with the year.  

 So, I distressed it a bit.  I applied some random stain to the exposed wood to give it an older look, then coated everything with a few coats of poly. 

 The bride to be opening her gift. 

The bride to be and groom to be ... now bride and groom, with their sign.  

I love the result but I don't like how other colors of paint show at the distressed parts - but, they love it (or so they say) and that is all that matters.

What do you think?  Would you make this for a gift?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Outfit Friday - Basic Summer Outfit

Good morning!  I have gotten many requests to start blogging my outfits, and after a great conversation with a long time reader, I have decided to attempt to blog outfits on Fridays.  So, here goes!
This is a basic outfit that I wear during the summer.  Tank top or T-shirt and capris or shorts is my go-to combination on summer days.  I even have my hair pulled up into a pony tail.  These are my most comfortable flats - they are Born and are amazingly comfortable!!!  They are red which is fun and takes this boring outfit up a notch. 

Top: Ross
Capris: Kohls
Shoes: Born via Marshalls

Typically, I will post my work outfits which will be professional attire but since it is summer this is what I am wearing to get my classroom ready.  Speaking of getting the classroom ready, can you believe it is already August?  Summer flew by!

What do you think of weekly outfit posts?