Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feed Bag to Grocery Bag

Hello all!  I have a real treat for you!  I am SO excited to show you how I took a feed bag from my mom and turned it into a grocery bag (or gym bag or any bag you need).  In fact, I have other blog posts I have been wanting to post but I am so excited that I had to post this first.  So, enough babbling, let's get to it!

Start with a feed bag (in my case it is layer pellets from my mom's chickens).  I am not sure what this material is called but it is NOT the paper feed bags.  My mom was just going to throw them away (or fill them with "compost" for the garden), so this is a green project too!

Take the string and paper off from the bottom.

Get a measuring tape and something long and straight (a yard stick if you are fancy and have one)

Measure your bag and mark the middle.  Do this on the top and bottom (so you have 2 marks).

Make a line (connecting the 2 marks) with your straight thing.
Cut along the line.  Set one half out of the way.

To create the hem for what will be the top just folded the bag in where there is already a crease. 

Then fold it over again and pin it.

Use clear thread (or any color you want) and sew.
Wash it with water and let it dry (this could have been done earlier also).

This is that part that I wasn't so sure about but I love the way it turned out and it was so easy!  Turn the bag inside out and fold up on the side (there is already a crease where the bag folds).  It will look like the above picture. 

Do the same thing on the other side then pin the bottom together.

Sew with clear thread.  Sew again with clear thread.  I think next time I will use fishing line because it would probably be a much stronger seam. 

Cut the extra off on the inside corners.

To add handles I used some material I had laying around (that I was planning to make bags with but never got around to it).  I put about where I wanted the handles and measured to make sure they were even on both sides. 

Put the marks on both sides then pin on the handles - you only need one pin (no pictures of these next steps, sorry - I was too excited it was turning out so well to take pictures).

I used a sewing machine but reinforced one by hand with fishing line.  It was easier by hand, so next bag I will be sewing on the handles by hand.  Sew them again.  Sew them one more time just to be safe.  (If doing in with fishing line you only need to do it once.)

Here is is all done!!  How amazing is it?  Repeat with the half you set aside earlier and you will have two bags.  The bottom will not turn out as pretty but it will still be really neat! 

The cost is the best part!  The bag was from my mom and was FREE, the thread I already had (and was only $2 when I bought it), and the handles I already had (the material was only $2 for at least 6 handles).  So, the cost for me was FREE!!  But, the cost if you had to buy the thread and the handles would be less than $5!  Sure, you could buy a reusable bag for $5 but could you buy a reusable bag this awesome? I think not!

Let's take a look again:
BEFORE - feed bag
AFTER - amazing reusable bag

This is my first link party and I am hitting two chickens birds with one stone! The Before and After Party from Thrifty Decor Chick AND the Twice Owned Tuesday Party from House of Grace. 

Hope you enjoyed!  Please let me know what you think!


Nancy said...

Love, love, love this! What a fantastic idea! :)

Tales from the Ranch said...

Love this ideas and since I have chickens and always have feed bags left over this is a great way to use them up!

Keri said...

Fascinating! Truly. It's like your own Costco bag...that's awesome and I'm impressed

Viktoria with a K said...

This is VERY cool.

The Durrer Family said...

These are adorable!!

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh that's so awesome. I'd have never thought to turn an old feed bag like that into a grocery bag!

crystal.cattle said...

Thanks for sharing with me. I am adding the link to my blog. I love the cloth ones that I found as well.

Rachel said...

Thats pretty nifty!

farmnwife said...

I will have to get my sewing machine fixed just to make one of these. or more.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the bottom on this recycled bag, it lays flatter, more like a paper bag. http://www.bigredcouch.com/journal/archives/2009/01/recycling_and_a_shopping_bag.html

farmnwife said...

Quick ?: How long do you like your handles?

Sarah said...

The handles are 23 1/2 inches each. That is kind of a random number but I like them to go over my shoulder so I can carry the bag like a purse.

Hope this helps!

Kari Kai beck said...

Instead of sewing it, I use duct tape...very very easy!