Friday, January 18, 2013

Flat Aggie's Adventure at Fleming Grain and Cattle

On the first day at Fleming Grain and Cattle, in Texas, Flat Aggie helped put out hay and feed the cows. The weather was getting colder, and the cows were getting hungry. We needed to fill their bellies for the cold nights.
Flat Aggie on top of the hay bale- the cows didn’t know what to think of the little man on their hay!

Flat Aggie got to ride in the feed truck and watched as the cows came up for their food.  He even got licked by the curious cows!


At our ranch, when the cold weather comes, that means so do the baby calves.  This black baby is only a few hours old and Flat Aggie got to welcome him.

Flat Aggie went with Augustus and Robert to look at bulldozers.

After looking, they stopped by The Little Ranch at Comanche Springs to see Larry Marble, a radio host.  Robert listens to Larry every day on the radio.  Flat Aggie got to see some of Larry’s sheep, and almost got his foot eaten by one. 

Flat Aggie even got to listen to Larry on channel 680 AM.

Behind the Fleming house, we have a compost pile that we put our coffee grinds, old fruits and vegetables and egg shells into.  When the spring time comes, the compost helps the soil become fertile so we can grow tomatoes, squash, okra and green beans.  By putting these foods into the soil, we are providing extra nutrients for the plants to grow. 

While Flat Aggie was with the Fleming’s, it started to rain.  It hadn’t rained since November and it was January when he came.  It rained so much that it started to run off in the fields.  Without plants in the soil, the rain carries off some of the soil into the rivers, which is called erosion.  Farmers need the soil for the plants to grow, so erosion isn’t good.  The plant’s roots help hold the soil in place, but nothing had been planted in this field yet.  You can see where the water created a small stream in the field and carried off the soil.
All the soil that was taken away from that field was dropped here.
This is the wheat header that goes on the front of the combine.  The combine is the machine that picks the crops when they are ready and ripe.  The black forks act like a comb for your hair.  They pick up the wheat heads where the seeds are.  The teeth, where his feet are, then cut the stem and the plant moves into the combine.

This is the combine harvesting wheat.
This is the corn header.  There are eight rows in this one.  The corn plants go in between the rows and teeth cut the plant.
This is a better picture of the combine harvesting corn.  Flat Aggie didn’t get to see this, but he heard about it.
This is the corn planter.  We put all the seeds in the eight yellow boxes.  The tractor pulls the planter and the seeds are let out of the boxes one by one.  The big hoses are what pull the seeds out of the boxes- it is like a giant vacuum pulling the seeds around.  Can you imagine planting your mom’s garden with one of these?

When we plant the seeds, we want to protect them from insects that will eat them.  We also fertilize them like you would your garden at home to make the plant grow bigger.  We carry all this in these big tanks that are on the back of a semi truck.  

When the seeds are combined, they go into these big things.  In Texas, we call them grain bins.  They are a storage shed for the seeds to keep them dry until they can be sold to be made into bread, pizza and other foods that you enjoy to eat!
The last stop Flat Aggie made was to pet the barn kitties.  The cats help keep the rats away which can eat seeds and other valuable things.
A HUGE thank you to Dakota and her family for hosting Flat Aggie for us!!  AMAZING adventure!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flat Aggie visits the doctor

After visiting Blackland Research Center, Flat Aggie headed to the doctor!

Flat Aggie visits Scott & White Clinic in Temple, Texas 

Scott & White Clinic is a large healthcare organization that sees over 2 million patients a year in their many regional clinics.  They know all agriculture workers need to take good care of their health because ag jobs are often working hard outdoors in all kinds of weather.  Since it’s flu season – and it’s really bad here in Texas right now - we thought Flat Aggie should get checked out by Dr. Terry Rascoe who has patients who are farmers and ranchers.  Dr. Rascoe gave Flat Aggie a flu shot (everyone should get one!) and, just to be sure, ran a test to make sure Flat Aggie didn’t have flat worms.  All clear!  Flat Aggie is scheduled for pick up this afternoon by the owner of Fleming Grain and Cattle.  Enough of the city life – back to the farm for Flat Aggie!

Flat Aggie got a flu shot!!  I LOVE IT!  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flat Aggie visits Blackland Research Center

Flat Aggie got the opportunity to visit Texas A&M Agrilife: Blackland Research Center in Temple, Texas.  

It was very exciting to show my students a little of the research side of agriculture.  Thanks to Zoe, Dr. Wolfe, and Rehanon for showing him around and teaching our class!  What an amazing adventure!

I am experimenting with the best way to put blog posts up from word documents that I get since I am having issues saving pictures.  I like this format, but if it is hard to read or anything please let me know!  THANKS!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday ... Out in the Duck Blind

 Michael and I went on a blind date early one morning ... I has such a beautiful view it was worth getting up so early on my break!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Flat Aggie Visits a Dairy in Arkansas

Check out Flat Aggie's adventure at a dairy farm in Arkansas here!
And check out how Flat Aggie helped prepare the dairy for the snow here!

To learn more about this Arkansas dairy like them on facebook or follow them on twitter or check out their blog

Thanks for following Flat Aggie's adventures!  I know I am enjoying them, are you?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012 ...

I am generally a pretty positive person, yes - I complain a lot, but I like to find the good in things.  Unless I am hungry or tired them I pretty much hate the world. 
2012 has been a wonderful and a horrible year.  The first 6 months went pretty smooth ... Farm Day at my school was great and the Young Farmers and Ranchers conference was amazing. 

I got to attend a social media training in San Fran where I learned A TON and got to meet some really amazing farmers from across the country.  It was a great experience and I am so glad I went!
But starting in August my world has been turning around and around.
In August, only 2 weeks before school started there was an opening in a rural school - I wasn't ready to apply but I went for it knowing that I would regret it if I didn't.  To my surprise I got the position.  I LOVE my school!  I feel like my teaching career has been refreshed - I love it again!  I had to start the first day of school at my old school then get the rest of my things packed up and start professional development the next day at my new school - it was crazy with all of the packing and moving and staring at my normal sized new classroom and getting used to a new school!
Once I got settled at my new school, my dad got into an accident on his 4-wheeler.  He had hip replacement surgery and was doing very well. 
Michael finally asked me to marry him and I finally said yes
I am so excited to marry him!!!!!1
My dad took a turn for the worst.  The crazy demands of his family and the lack of support of his choices were hard to deal with while trying to put on a happy face for dad.  We rushed up after work on a Wednesday and Thursday morning he passed away.  It was and still is a huge mess of emotions - I miss him but he was ready to go. 
After his death there was more drama from his family that I could ever explain.  Death really does bring out the worst in people.  Dad's memorial was an amazing celebration of his life and I am happy to report that it was drama free! 
I was honored to receive Ag in the Classroom's Literacy for Life Award.  I got to travel down to Pasadena and spend a day mingling with farmers.  Gosh I love farmers!! 

2012 was an eventful year and I am looking forward to what 2013 brings!
Now, on to 2012 in posts ... The top 2 posts in 2012 were:
I can see why this was so popular!  I love the combo of pink and zebra and think it works perfectly for a baby shower or a bridal shower or even a birthday party. 
Great Careers in Agriculture
This was a guest post by my sister Shannon.  It is a short and to the point post that defends careers in agriculture after ag degrees were reported as useless by Yahoo. 

What was your favorite post from 2012?  What should I do more posts about in 2013?