Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Farmers in the Classroom

I have so many things to share with you that my kids are learning in the classroom, but I am just so excited about this I am going to skip to it. 

Last week I was lucky enough to have a farmer visit our classroom.  We have been learning about agriculture for 3 weeks, specifically cotton so I was a little worried my kids were going to think these were cotton farmers, but it was fine.
A rice field.  95% of rice grown in California is grown with 100 miles of Sacramento.  Our school is in the heart (not really - more like the feet since we can't see rice fields from our school or neighborhood) of rice country so I was SO EXCITED when I asked begged some farmers to come to my classroom.

A field being harvesting before the rain hit last week.  I was VERY worried when I saw field being harvested the weekend before the farmers where supposed to be in my room.

But, come last Tuesday morning there were two rice farmers sitting in my classroom!!  This is Pa and Susan, they operate Daddow and Sons Farming (you can show them some love on Facebook).  Susan is a former first grade teacher and was just perfect!  Side note - she is super creative and has a blog - go check it out and tell her I sent you! 

Here is my classroom full of kids!  One of the other first grade teachers is doing the ag unit with us and joined us for the presentation.

First, Susan showed us wheat and helped us make the connection from the Little Red Hen to rice (I told you she is awesome). 

Then Pa showed us lots of pictures and explained the whole process from getting the field ready to harvest.  He was wonderful - the kids LOVED seeing the pictures and thought it was pretty cool that rice is planted using an airplane.

See Pa smiling?  I think he had fun too!  Then they showed us the difference between long grain, medium grain, and brown rice.  Susan said that brown rice has a jacket on and white rice took its jacket off - it was THE PERFECT explanation!

Then they explained the two different methods for harvesting rice, showed us products made from rice, let us look at the rice up close, and fed us some rice.  And if that wasn't enough they let us take rice (and wheat) home to share with our families. 

It was AMAZING!!  I would love to do something like this everyday!  Susan and Pa were just perfect and my kids sat and listened for 45 minutes - seriously!!  They never do that for me!

I am so grateful for farmers likes these that take time out of their lives (especially during this busy harvest time) to talk to kids about what they do.  THANK YOU PA AND SUSAN - you two are amazing and I love you both to pieces!! 


Rural Women Rock said...

Thank you for coming over. You should be our first Teacher blog. Thank you for visiting, and do hope you come join us. http://ruralwomenrock.blogspot.com I'd love to feature you.

Hmiller said...

I love what you are doing to educate young children about agriculture!! I am a member of Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Sorority and our national service project is Ag-in-the-Classroom! I love every teacher who is willing to let us come do a lesson on Agriculture!


Anna said...

Totally awesome!! So glad you asked them and they came!!