Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ag Unit: Observation Walk

The first day of our ag unit was spend doing an observation walk.  An observation walk is when the students walk (with a partner) around and look at different sets of pictures (or objects) and write down what they observe. 

I had 6 sets of pictures and I made each set a group of pictures about food, farming (farmers and equipment), fiber, forestry, and flowers.  I found all of the pictures on google - I LOVE google images! 

Above are the pictures and below are the observations.  Please keep in mine these are beginning first graders, so you may not be able to read what they wrote - I will translate for you!

Forest, a man cutting a tree, I like the forest, tree cut(ed), trees, forest.

They only drew on the flowers observation chart.

vegetable, foods, we go to the store and buy foods, I see a vegetables, I like vegetable, eating?, I see food, I see lettuce. 

jet, I like the tractor, an airplane.

As I was explaining what to do I accidental said something about the butcher, otherwise their observation would have been a little different.

A butcher gives meat to people, a girl picks flowers, a man is cutting meat. They is a cow and I see a flower is on the left (cut off).

So, there you have it!  This was day 1 on our ag unit!  I will not be going day by day for most of the posts, instead I will be doing a post on each activity we did, this activity just happened to take a day. 

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