Thursday, October 20, 2011

Talk About Trees in the Classroom

We were lucky enough to welcome Bev from the Forestry Foundation into our classroom last week.  She was AMAZING!!  Thank you Mark for setting me up with her - you are amazing too!

Her set-up: 

Love this poster!

We had my class and another first grade class in my room for the presentation.  We had a nice conversation before she started setting up asking exactly what we wanted her to talk about.  She modified her presentation to fit exactly what we wanted them to learn.  It was perfect!  I could tell she was a teacher - she made the connection from trees in our backyard and trees in the area to trees in the forest and products from those trees we see and use every day. 

She interacted a lot with the kids, which was perfect!

She showed us how pencils are made. 

Then she set us free to explore (we did this one class at a time since my classroom is very small).

The students counting the rings to see how old each tree is.

Seeing what products are made of wood.  After she left and the next day they were still so impressed that balloons are a forestry product. 

My students kept bringing everything up to me and asking if I took a picture of whatever it was yet.  They were so excited!

My kids LOVED this presentation.  A few teachers came and asked me what we are learning about because my kids were all walking down the hall telling each other that they were going to be foresters when they grow up.  How cute is that? 

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