Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zebra and Pink Baby Shower

Michael's cousin is having a baby very soon and this is the baby shower we (Paula, Stacey, Luz, and I) threw for her.  It was zebra and pink theme and is was a blast!
A sign at the door welcomed people and set the mood for the party.

 The front room.
Guests were invited to write wishes for the new baby.  

 On the dining room table we set up a make your own headband station.  I saw this idea on pinterest and fell in love with it.  

Directions - I spray painted a frame that a duck print came in black and used pink wrapping paper behind the glass then Stacey wrote the directions on the glass with a dry erase marker. 
 A few of the guests making their headbands.  They turned out really good!

 The gift table - Paula borrowed this zebra from her hairdresser's salon.  We put it on a crate with a petticoat on top. 

The prizes for the games decorated the coffee table. 
 Cowgirl cookies in a jar made with pink m&ms and milk and white chocolate chips. 

 The food.  

 We hung tissue balls over the food area - they were from another party but are pretty easy to make. 

The food area was also decorated with a few black table cloths gathered and sprinkles with pink ribbon and pink confetti.

Paula has a great collection of serving dishes - she used glass to let the food and the decorations take center stage. 

 Drinks - bottled water and punch.  

 Sour cream fruit salad - canned mixed fruit (drained), copped apples, and sliced banana mixed with sour cream.  This sounds odd with sour cream but it was good!

 Broccoli salad - broccoli, bacon, nuts, and onions. 

 Dutch crunch rolls

 Macaroni salad.

 Chicken Caesar salad

 plates, napkins, forks, and flowers

 Pasta salad

 Ranch  salad - made with ranch style beans (I am guessing that is where the name comes from).


Chinese chicken salad

The dessert table.  Black tables cloths, and a sparkly garland for a Christmas tree really made the table elegant.  

We tied tutus (from the Race for the Cure) around the light fixture to make a fun and festive chandelier type fixture. 

The dessert spread.

 Cake balls

 Rice Krispy Treats cut in half then dipped in colored candy coating. 

 Caramel corn with pink and zebra holders.

 Various pink candy in glasses. 

 Cookie pizza - a huge sugar cookie topped with cool whip chocolate and candy. 

 Cake balls and more pink candy

 Marshmallow pops - marshmallows dipped in candy coating and then in sprinkles

 Zebra cakes and pink airheads

 Oreos dipped in pink candy coating.

The glowing woman of the hour - isn't she a cute little pregger?
 And the most adorable little girl was bored so she got my shoes and walked around the shower.

I LOVE party planning, especially when I get to do it with some very talented ladies!  It was fun to help to welcome their baby!


Nicole said...

So if I ever have a baby you can plan my shower, definitely :)

Viktoria said...

I love the headband idea!!

Katie Pinke said...

I'm hosting a bee theme shower for a new baby boy this weekend! You need to come to the prairie to help me. I'm not nearly as creative as you. LOVE the food, decorations and great ideas.

Krista said...

Awesome job!
I love planning parties like that!

Jensamom23 said...

What a cute shower! Everything looks wonderful and festive. That dessert table looks yummy! Great job and good luck to the new Mommy.

Anonymous said...

I love how you decorated the ceiling fan with a pink Boa. Your pink zebra baby shower theme is brilliant! Thanks for the share!