Monday, September 29, 2014

Citrus Lane Review and Giveaway!

I got another Citrus Lane box in the mail this month! I still wish they would consider a quarterly option which would fit our family needs and budget a bit better. But until then I turn my subscription on and off to make sure I don't get them every month. You can check out my June box for another sample box.

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription service for your child. Each box includes a new combo of items for your child based on age and gender. Shipping is included in the price, which starts at abut $30 a month.  Each month is a new surprise. You can also buy individual items. I have twice now purchased an additional item from Citrus Lane after first loving the one in the monthly box.

This month the box looks like this:

The Melissa and Doug wooden sorting clock is going to I be a big hit. He has been fascinated with clocks for a while and the numbers will allow this to be a very educational toy. And no surprise since it is Melissa and Doug, it is very well made. It appears to have a value of $15.

The Little Red Hen book will be a great addition to our library. I think this is the first book I have received in Citrus Lane so I'm very happy to see it. I would be more inclined to keep the subscription more frequently if there was a book every month. This appears to be worth about $9.

There is a bath puzzle too. But, it is an 18 and up toy and would have fit us better a year or two ago. We have zero need for more bath toys. So, I will probably keep and gift it to someone. Value $12.

There is also a snack sample. I love adding these to my purse to randomly have while we are out and about. 

I love the addition of the book to this box and I know the clock will be a hit. Even not liking the bath item, the box ends up being a pretty good value when you factor in shipping. So, now is your turn to try it! 

They sent me this in my box:
I'd love to pass it along to you - enter below for your chance to win the code and get your very own box!

Even if you do not win the free box, I have a great consolation prize. :) If you want to try out Citrus Lane, follow this link to enjoy 50% off your first box. Enjoy!

Note - These are all affiliate links. I get credit on my account if you decide to enjoy the coupon code.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Circus trip and tips!

Barnum and Bailey Circus came to Sacramento this weekend. I have great memories of attending as a child - we used to get to watch them unload from the rail cars. I was very excited to take my little man and Grandma. 

I had to be in the area for another activity so I decided to purchase tickets a few months back. For some reason the opening night was half the price when I purchased. I used ticketmaster so there were a bunch of fees. My tickets were $11 each but with fees they were just under $20 per person. Parking was $12 per car. 

Thanks to buying early, these turned out to be fantastic seats. We were Row K in the lower level which was the 10th row from the floor. I was VERY pleased. We had some of the best seats in that price bracket. 

I went online the afternoon of the event to see how early we should get there. I'm go glad I looked because there was a not well advertised animal viewing that started 90 minutes before the show. My main purpose for seeing the Circus was to see the elephants. My son loves them but has never seen one in person. This animal viewing time got him about 15 feet from them. They were eating some dinner, throwing dirt and relaxing. If it was cooler, he would have just stayed to stare at them. He couldn't believe how big they were. 
And they enjoyed getting snacks off the parking lot trees. :) 

In addition to the elephants we also got VERY close to the tigers and lions. 

You could also see the goats, ponies and more. But those were less exciting for our family. We did enjoy the educational displays including this one where he could hold an elephant tooth. 

When we got inside there more more kids activities while we waited for the real show to begin. 

They even had freebies like a temporary tattoo!

We LOVED this show. It was a great value considering there were 2 hours of show plus about an hour and a half of unadvertised pre show extras. There was so much to see. Great performers, fun clowns, decor and of course the animals. 

The theatrics were very impressive. The costumes, lighting, music and props were all really well done. It all looked fresh, clean and really nice. 

I also loved that they started with the national anthem. Props for some patriotism at the Circus. 

Here are my tips to help you have a great trip!
1. Come early for the extras!
- We came over an hour early to enjoy the animal viewing time. This is not an option for all markets but it was for us. And it was awesome as I mentioned earlier. 
- When we came inside we were surprised to see a bunch of photo opportunities and a kids event right on the circus floor. This was free and I believe the photo opps here were free too. The lines were long but kids could even sit on the stunt motorcycle for pics. There was interactive activities, dress up and an elephant even came out to paint. My kiddo mostly watched for afar but did enjoy a temporary tattoo. 
2. Bring drinks and light snacks, especially if you come early. It was warm outside and my little needed some refreshment right away. We also had a baggie of cereal for munchies. This also helped keep him still while waiting.
3. Bring some glow sticks from a discount retailer. My kiddo badly wanted a glow sword but I was not about to pay $20 for one. A cheapie glow stick would have provided great distraction during intermission. 
4. When you arrive early, make time to get a booster seat. These apparently will run out early so get them while you can. My kiddo sat in it for a bit, but mostly wanted my lap. It was a good break for my lap at least and allowed him a better view.
5. Buy a snow cone. I can remember eating a one at the show as a child so we did buy one in a souveneir cup. When do you get to enjoy that otherwise? 

We had so much fun and will return to see Barnum and Bailey again! Look the. Up when they come to town and take advantage of any discount tickets!