Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ag Unit: Student Work

At the end of a unit or a project I love to see the work that students have completed and how far they have come. 
The first day of our ag unit they worked with a partner to write their observations during the observation walk

As a reminder here is where we display some of our work. 

Also on the first day of the unit, we gave each student an ag portfolio. 

Inside was a chant book.

Each of the chants was typed out with a space for an illustration.  After we processed each chant we let the students process their own chant (draw a picture to help them remember the chants).  The student above draw equipment (a tractor). 

During the unit we also learned Farmer Grows a Rainbow - this song is so cute! It is too long to write out and hang up in the classroom so we just had a typed copy in their portfolios. 

They also go to draw their own cotton pictorial.

We shrunk the pictures (by we I mean my amazing teaching partner) and had students recreate the mind map.  This took us a long time - two days and it could have taken more time. 

They also drew the cotton belt map.  They did this twice - the first time I gave them a blank paper and the second time I  had them do it while I was at the Ag in the Classroom Conference and the sub gave them a blank map - they just had to fill in the words.  They took that home so I wasn't able to see it.   

This is more family work than student work but I was so impressed with their home/school connections that I had to share them again! 

We also did a guided draw.  A guided draw is when we draw something together, I have a big paper and the students have regular sized papers.  I tell them what to do and we do it together.  Then I give them 5 minutes to add details (like chicken in the coop or food on the table that we didn't draw together).  Then I give them time to color.  Usually we would take the drawing out at another time and write about it, but we never got around to doing that this time. 

There was also the All About Cotton books which turned out really nice. 

We also used one of the pages from Cotton's Journey which was a cut and paste sequencing actvity. 

This was the perfect way to wrap up what we had been learning.

So, there is the student work from our ag unit! I love to see what students do during a unit - it really shows how much they have learned!

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