Sunday, November 6, 2011

Personalized Bib Tutorial

 There seem to be babies popping out everywhere!  There are 4 women at work that are preggers and Michael's cousin is also preggers.  That means lots and lots of baby gifts! 

I wanted to make them all something that they would love but would also be useful.  I decided upon a few bibs (and other things I will post later) and I thought it would be cute to personalize them, so here you have a personalized bib tutorial. 

You will need:
- fabric for front (1/3 of a yard will made 3 bibs)
- fabric for back (1/3 of a yard)
- thread
- snap
- less than 1 hour
- bib to trace

First, trace half a bib on the inside of a grocery bag.  I used an over sized bib my sister had while my nephew was here.  Then add a seam allowance - it doesn't have to be exact. 
Cut the template out and place on the fold of your fabric of choice. (I know it looks weird, but trust me - I could get three out of this little piece of fabric by slanting the first bib).

Trace with a pen and cut out.

Repeat with a different fabric for the back.

Put the right sides together and pin all the way around.

Sew.  Leave an opening to turn.

Here it is - see my opening?  Now, turn it so the right side is now out through the little opening. 

Now fold the opening closed and pin (if you want or just hold it closed) and iron. 

Then do a top stitch all the way around. 

I used brown thread and I love the way it turned out!

Then add a snap - just follow the directions on the package of snaps.  I think I will try a pearl snap next time. 

The bib is complete and looks great as it is now, but I wanted to make it more personalized, so I picked a font and a fabric so I could add the baby's initial.  I used an iron on adhesive - just follow the directions on the package.  I put the adhesive on the scrap then cut the letter out after the adhesive was attached (you probably already do this but last time I ruined my ironing board cover, so I only cut the shape out once).

Then decide where you want the initial (or shape - I made one with a seahorse too).

And iron it on!  You are all finished!

You can play around with the fabrics and the personalization to fit the baby and the mommy (or daddy).  Or you can make some basic bibs to keep on hand as gifts when you need them. 



Anonymous said...

Do an oversized bib when possible. Babies really need a poncho for the mess they make when eating. Your friends will appreciate the bigger bibs!

City Life to Ranching Wife said...

This is so great! thanks for sharing!!

peteralexanderr said...

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