Friday, November 4, 2011

Ag Unit: Chants

Here are the chants I taught my kids during our ag unit.  I wrote the Ag Here, There Chant and the Farming Sound Off.  The Farmyward Bugaloo was written by someone else - I found it online in a GLAD unit. 

The chants were all up in the classroom for the whole unit - we started with the Ag Here, There chant the first day of the unit and said it every day for a week, then processed it (added pictures to clarify the meaning of difficult words).  We followed the same process for the rest of the chants.

I found the pictures from google images. 

As you can see I underlined the words and made an arrow to the picture - the (AMAZING) teacher I was doing this unit with did not underline or draw arrows, she just put the pictures on whch was probably the better idea - her chants look a lot neater than mine. 

We also sang Farmer Grows A Rainbow - it is really long - way too long to write out on chart paper.  It is a really cute song and I should spend more time singing it. 

So, that is it for now - stay tuned for the rest of our ag unit!  What do you think so far?

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