Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby Shower - Jungle Theme

 As I was going through pictures on my computer, I came across a shower that my friend and I hosted for a friend about a year and a half ago. 

It was such a cute theme, so I thought I would share:
It was a jungle / safari theme that we picked based on the baby's bedding. 
 The shower was at my house.  We put all the food on the bar and decorated behind it (and the couch in the living room which I did not take a picture of) with rolled up brown butcher paper to look like vines.  I stapled right to the wall with a regular stapler.  I wanted to add leaves but ran out of time - I think the vines looked great even without the leaves!
 We added the same brown paper under the food as a table cloth / runner. We used paper napkins and buffet plates I bought from Cost Plus and have used so many times since!  LOVE them!
I see they have gone up in price since I bought them, but I still want another set for larger parties!

 We served fruit kabobs,

 trail mix,

 a veggie tray,

 PB&J sandwiches,

 and ham and cheese sandwiches.  
Safari food - yum!

We had a drink station with fruit punch and lemonade.  

 We also had a dessert table with animal crackers,


 and fruit shaped candy (what are these called?)

 For decoration, we had the vines, this amazing diaper cake made by my friend. 

 Since we were going for a jungle theme, I borrowed lots of plants from my mom and Paula (Michael's mom) and stuck them on tables

 and in the entry way. 

 We also used one of our gifts, a changing table, as a place to put gifts when guests arrived.  

 We asked guests to bring diapers or wipes to be entered into a drawing.  The prize was a mug filled with candy and a gift card to Starbucks. 

 We played name the baby animal, and BINGO for the games.  The mama is not into playing games, so we stuck to just two a focused more on mingling and eating.  The prizes for the games were photo albums. 

To thank our guests for coming, we make cookies (both chocolate chip and oatmeal) and put them in a paper bag with a little thank you note.

It was a fun shower, and I love the jungle / safari theme!


Leslie said...

The candies are called Runts and they're one of my favorites (except the banana ones because those are just yucky). By the way, this is a totally cute idea that I'll have to remember then next time I host a baby shower (which may be a while).

melinda ann said...

Such fun ideas! I will have to use some of those in the baby shower I am planning soon.

Kim Ricketts said...

This is really cute! You are so creative and always capture the best details!


Jensamom23 said...

What a great shower this must have been!

Sarah said...

Thanks Leslie - I will change it!

Thank you ladies - it was a great shower!

Anonymous said...

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mackyton said...

So adorable photos from the jungle themed baby shower. All the arrangements are just brilliant. My cousin is also expecting and I am planning surprise party for her. I am planning to book one of the best LA venues for this bash.