Friday, November 25, 2011

Laundry Room Tour

I took a little break from the house tour so I could do some posts about the ag unit my class just finished.  So, here we are again!  Here is our laundry room - I know, so exciting!  The main reason I wanted to do this house tour is so I can see the before and after (hopefully there will be an after) pictures.  I have so many plans for the laundry room - it is just a matter of finding the time and energy to do them!  But, here is the laundry room as it is now . . .
It is not really a dedicated room but a pass through from the garage into the house.  But, that works perfectly for us!

Our washing machine and dryer.

Our cats eat on top of the dryer.  I love/hate that . . . love that the dogs can't eat all of the cat food and that it is out of the way.  Hate that the cats make a HUGE MESS when they eat and the cat food drops behind the dryer and is all over the top of the dryer.  Our cat Charlie thinks it is fun to get food in his mouth then move his head and chew (with his mouth open so the food falls over the place) where the food can fall out and make a big mess.   

 There are cabinets above the washer and dryer - the green tape is a project I want to do. 

The floor - plain but functional. 

We have this amazing organizer behind the door that houses the brooms and such.  That was $7 well spent!

On the opposite wall of the washer and dryer is a little storage space.  When we bought the house there were wood shelves that were gross and sagging and blinds (the cheap kind you put on windows - great for windows but bad for a laundry room) - I guess to "hide" the stuff on the shelves, so we took those out.  Seriously - I could see a curtain but blinds?  We put up closet shelving.  One length worked perfectly for this space - we need to add a bar or two in the middle to support it and maybe another shelf or two, we'll see.  

We keep paper towels, all the dog stuff (blankets, treats, toys) and all sorts of random stuff on these shelves.   

And we keep our shoes here too - maybe it is time to put the flip flops away so the mud boots have room.

So, there it is our exciting laundry room!!  Like I said, I have big plans in here!  What do you do in your laundry room to liven it up?

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Viktoria with a K said...

I would love love LOVE to have a laundry room. I am so over apartment living, but will be here for a few more years :(