Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baby Prepping: Freezer


When I think of meal prepping, I think of stocking the freezer with ready to cook meals. 

meat – we got a half from my sister so I would say we are stocked up on beef!  To see what is in the half we got go here.  We also have fish left from Michael’s last trip, duck from last season, and pork from our pigs.  We both love bacon, so we stocked up on bacon from Costco (our bacon is gone very soon after we get it back from the butcher).  We also have breakfast sausage.

marinated chicken – I love having marinated chicken in the freezer that we just have to dethaw and throw on the BBQ. 

lasagnaMy favorite freezer meal!  Full of protein and veggies AND delicious! 

crock pot meals – Throw all of the ingredients in a crock pot in the morning and your meal is ready in the evening!  Can’t get much better than that!

soup – some are reheat and serve and some need to be cooked all will make a great meal with little prep

juice – orange and other fruit juice concentrates for when we want more than just water or milk

cookie dough – This needs no explanation – everyone needs a sweet treat in their freezer!  

fruit – for my protein smoothies or I can add it to yogurt for a yogurt parfait

muffins – a quick breakfast or snack I can just pull out of the freezer

prepackaged meals – I had every intention of making all my own meals and having this full freezer or delicious and healthy meals for after the baby comes, but with the move and everything else going on that just didn’t happen to the extent I wanted.  Not the end of the world – we stocked up on frozen pizzas, pasta meals (which are an awesome quick meal I would love to learn how to make), chicken nuggets, and french fries.  I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to die from eating meals that are not the best for us!  At least we’ll have food!

Your Turn!  What would be included in a stocked freezer at your house? 


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