Monday, April 7, 2014

Baby Prepping: Bathroom

Prepping for after baby in the bathroom is more than just stock piling toilet paper. 


This is my first, so I’ve only heard the horror stories (and of course the best case scenarios) but I’ve taken that advice and prepared for the worst.  This list includes everything from basic day to day needs in our house to special after childbirth needs to some nice items that might give me a little pick me up!

Here is the list:

Basic care

toilet paper – I plan on bring the peri bottle I’ve heard so many amazing things about home from the hospital but toilet paper is always an important staple to stock pile.


flushable wipes – like wet toilet paper for when the dry stuff just won’t do

giant pads – for the lovely ruin all of your clothes post partum bleeding I’ve heard so much about

giant overnight pads (read: even bigger pads) – in hopes of not ruining all of my clothes – just half of them

depends (I bought the off brand because I’m cheap like that) – for when the giant pads are just not enough.

extra trash can – to dispose of all those giant pads and depends

witch hazel – soothing and antiseptic yes please!  Plus, you can made padsicles with this and some giant pads. 

Aloe Vera gel – along the same lines as witch hazel

Dermoplast Spray – I’ve read this stuff is amazing so I will be getting a bottle or two!

epsom salt – not really sure why I bought this, but I thought it would be good to add to a warm bath to aid in healing.    

cotton balls, q-tips, cotton makeup pads – all things we use everyday so we have plenty to last a few months

shampoo and conditioner – I love Dove and I got to jumbo bottles from Costco that last like 6 months

toothpaste – You never want to run out of this!  I got a three or four pack from Costco – I think we’re set! 

floss – we have tons!  Pretty sure we won’t need to buy any for a year!

deodorant – we usually have an extra or two on hand for each of us, honestly it’s because I once used Michael’s for a week – he didn’t like that and my do is so much better than his! We’ll have plenty so I won’t have to use his!

hand soap – I love the foaming kind

Face care

make-up – not really a make-up person but if I was I would get  few new shades to try as a little pick me up after baby.  I have the basics which last me months because I’m lazy and am not good with make-up


face wipes – LOVE these!  Don’t want to wash your face but know you should – enter face wipes.  You can use baby wipes too!

cleanser – I have an extra bottle (which lasts 4 months) of my favorite cleanser

toner – have any extra bottle (lasts 3 months) of this amazing toner that has seriously changed my skin from breakout about once a week to hardly ever – love my face products and I would not want to be without them!

face lotion – I have both daytime and night time lotion that I have plenty of to last a few months.

pampering extras – might want to pamper myself a little after baby – I mean, after all I’ll be bleeding like a mac truck hit me.  So, I have this amazing face mask, also this homemade face mask, and this polisher which makes my skin feel amazing!  Bubble bath would be perfect to get an extra bottle of too – momma (or daddy) might need a bubble bath to relax!  (doesn’t go with face care, but it does go with pampering)

Hair care

hair bands – will probably be putting my hair up all the time, so I got a new package of hair bands.

headbands – same thing as above, I bought some pretty lace headbands that might trick our baby gawkers guests into thinking I showered that day week.

dry shampoo – I have two bottles just in case.  If you haven’t tried this stuff, I highly recommend it!  Go for the suave brand – it’s cheap and works great!  Washing your hair without having to get wet = awesome!

bobby pins – we all need more of these, even someone like me who doesn’t ever do their hair.

I think that’s it for the bathroom list!  If there is anything you use every day then you’ll need to stock up on that too!  I also gave the bathroom a good cleaning and stocked my favorite cleaning products under the sink so I can give it a quick cleaning without too much effort. 

Your turn!  What did I miss?


Steph said...

Wow, what a list! I had no time to prepare since mine was an emergency c section two months early! I did bleed for almost 6 weeks though! Not a lot, but enough to be annoying.

Leslie said...

Wow, you're much more prepared than I was for either of my babies. I had an extra bag of pads and called it good. Yes, that peri bottle is heaven sent, but I never used anything else. I don't remember bleeding that much, but I always had heavier periods before my baby so my viewpoint might have been different than other people's. I also nursed both times and think that probably sped my healing quite a bit as it's "natural medicine" for momma.

I've recently jumped on the dry shampoo "bandwagon" and love it too. It does take some getting used to. I like the pantene brand but haven't tried suave so I might have to now.