Friday, April 11, 2014

All American Baby Shower

Today is baby’s estimated date or arrival, so I thought it would be a good day to show the best baby shower EVER …

My mother in law and sister in law are rock star party planners – they came up with all of the ideas and everything went just perfectly.

The Décor …
sarahs shower 092
Super cute sign welcoming the guests.
sarahs shower 093
The patriotic gift area. 
sarahs shower 095
That wagon with the flag bunting was the perfect place to put the gifts.
sarahs shower 079
Another chalkboard sign before the food inviting guests to enjoy their picnic out on the blankets or sit at a table if they could not. 
sarahs shower 091
They used moving blankets as picnic blankets which went perfectly with the color scheme.  A square piece of fabric on most of the blankets brought the colors (red, white, and blue) out to the eating area without distracting from the beautiful backdrop. 
sarahs shower 109
Like I said – a beautiful backdrop!
sarahs shower 107
The floral centerpieces were borrowed from another event.
Adding a flag to the floral piece was the perfect patriotic touch.
The guests enjoying their picnic lunch. 

The Food …
sarahs shower 081
The food table was decorated with red, white, and blue fabric.  The napkins are from Pottery Barn and I fell in love with them!  They belong to a family friend, but you can get your own set here.  
sarahs shower 098
This shower was during lunch, so the menu consisted of a sandwich, carrots and celery, chips, and a cutie all packaged into an adorable brown box tied with a bow. 
sarahs shower 100
Each box was labeled with the sandwich meat so guest could grab and go. 
Kids lunches were also labeled and consisted of a PB&J sandwich, a cutie, fruit snacks, carrots and celery, and a cheese stick.
sarahs shower 101
Guests could also grab a fruit skewer – they were adorable and tasty!
sarahs shower 103
The dessert table was also decorated and even more delicious!
sarahs shower 087
Pie in mason jars – apple and cherry.
sarahs shower 090
Red, white, and blue sixlets. Also, not pictures rice krispy treats dipped in red, white, and blue candy coating, dipped oreos, and red & white mints.

Photo Booth …
Stacey (my Sister in Law) set up her camera on timer in front of this patriot backdrop.
She also made cute props to go with the photo booth. 
sarahs shower 118
Here she is!
sarahs shower 136
My Sister in law, mother in law, me, my momma, and my sister. 
sarahs shower 129
Michael and me. 

I am not a center of attention kind of person but this shower was perfect!  I wasn’t the center of attention this little baby growing in my uterus was.  The baby was showered with so much love and support.  I truly believe it takes a community to raise a child and Michael and I are so lucky to have such an amazing community of supportive family and friends. 

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Deenie said...

Such a wonderful shower to welcome your little one!