Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Baby Prepping: Everything Else

Now that we’ve covered baby prepping in almost every room in the house let’s talk about everything else.

dog food – the dogs need to eat too and I do not want to have to lug a huge bag of dog food from the store with a newborn and some hurting lady parts!

cat food – cats have to eat too

fuel – I am the kind of person who waits for the “dummy light” to go on before I put diesel in my car.  Michael hates that I do this, but I hate getting fuel, so I guess we’re even.  I am trying to make sure my car is full or fuel so I can at least make the trek to the hospital when the time comes. 

oil change – This was Michael’s was of preparing for the baby – he changed the oil in his truck and got the oil changed in my car for me.  Now we are set for a while and won’t have to worry about changing the oil with a newborn in tow. 

car seat installed – This was another thing Michael did to prepare for the baby, it needs to be installed to leave the hospital so you might as well get it done before you are trying to leave!

thank you cards – I bought a cute package on clearance from Target.  I’ll have enough on hand to write a quick thank you to people who bring us a meal or the baby a gift or help us in some other way after baby is born.

stamps – to mail off bills (we pay most online buy hospital bills will require a stamp) and thank you cards

updated address book – If you are going to mail out thank you cards you’ll need an up to date address for the person, so make sure you have addresses or a way to find them quickly 


birthday cards/presents – If there are any birthday in the month your baby is expected get them before and wrap them!


diaper changing basket – We have a stocked diaper changing basket that can be moved around the house as needed.  It will be perfect to grab and move into any room.  The baby’s room will be stocked and so will our bedroom, but having something mobile will come in handy (even though our house is small and we don’t need it – it will be nice)!  Diapers, wipes, a receiving blanket or two, burp cloths, a swaddle thing, and some baby lotion are what I put in our basket. 

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Steph said...

Don't forget the Desitin!