Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to clean your BOB stroller

I will apologize in advance for my lack of before pictures. But my BOB (the most amazing stroller ever thank you Sarah R) has really been worked for close to 3 years. It has been the only stroller I have ever used and drug on numerous road trips, the farmers market most Saturdays, various runs and  probably most grime inducing - hauled around in the bed of the pickup. No surprise that it is just a tad dirty. Okay... Embarrassingly dirty. But no mold or mildew to worry about.

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The beautiful after!
I tried several times cleaning it with limited success scrubbing with soap and water. In particular, the area where toddler feet hang was just disgusting. While doing some cleaning last weekend, it occurred to me to try using laundry detergent. Hello, why had I never tried it before.

I had some empty laundry detergent containers that needed to be washed out and recycled. So I added some hot water to them and shook them up to get all the detergent off the sides. Then I poured it onto the BOB and scrubbed. Then rinsed and dried. Note that I didn't scrub for hours or soak it for days. I poured it on and scrubbed for a few minutes. Not a major workout. But holy cow the gross water that came off it.

And... It is the cleanest it has been since it came out of box! Part of my luck may be that may detergent has oxi clean in it which has produced good results for others.

So if your BOB is looking a bit dingy grab some laundry detergent, a hose and scrubber and make quick work of making it look nearly new again!

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