Monday, October 17, 2011

Hunk of Meat Monday: Marinading Chicken

Instead of a cooked hunk of meat - this week I am going to share how we prepare a hunk of meat. 

Since there are two of us and I buy chicken in "bulk" (I don't really consider this a large amount of meat but the store does) since it is a better price that way.  And, chicken goes bad when it is just left in the fridge until you want to use it - oh, you knew that? Uh, me too - lol.  Anyway, on to the prep work. 

All you need is chicken (we use boneless skinless chicken breast) and . . .

marinade and freeze bags.  This is my favorite marinade - Lawry's Herb and Garlic.  It is the best!! 

I put one breast in each package - I used to put two since there are two of us, but the breast keep getting bigger and bigger and we only eat half of one, so I started puttting one.

Put the marinade in - just enough to cover.

Make sure the marinade covers the entire breast - lay flat and freeze.

Then, whenever you want chicken all you have to do is defrost and you have marinaded chicken ready to be cooked. 

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Leah @ Beyer Beware said...

Love the Lawry's marinades too. They were just $1 a piece at Krogers, so I stocked up! Thanks for linking up to Hunk of Meat Monday.