Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Michael went fishing this past weekend.  I was gone all last week at a conference and I was a little upset that he was going to be gone for my birthday weekend.  Not that we were going to do anything, but still! 


He brought home a 20 pounder. 


Michael also brought home 2 smaller fish. 

Do you have a hard time getting your lover or kids to smile in pictures?  Michael never smiles – I had to practically beg him to smile in these pictures!  What do you do to get smiles? 


The 3 salmon!  He also got some cod which were already filleted when he brought them home so I didn’t take a picture.  This made up for not being home this past weekend! 


Our freezer is now full of fresh fish!  Salmon steaks, filets, and cod filets (not pictured).  Gosh I love being married to a hunter and fisherman! 

How should I cook the salmon?  I have never cooked salmon before, so I NEED your help!! 


Kelli Koehler said...

Salmon salad is my absolute favorite - spinach, walnuts, blue cheese, tomatoes, carrots, topped with grilled salmon? YUM!

Ellen Durrer said...

Oh, Yum!!

Leslie said...

I don't know how to cook it, but I'm totally jealous of your fish. I love fish, but I'm really the only one in the house with the love. My kids will eat it, but for the most part my husband won't.