Friday, July 26, 2013

Quick and Easy Fireplace Facelift

As I was working out on Tuesday, I decided to paint the gold part of the fireplace.  I can’t stand gold and I thought painting that little part would give the fireplace a little facelift.


Here it is before. 


A close up. 


I took the wood handles off. 


Cleaned the gold part with degreaser – look how much soot came off!  We’ve never used the fireplace, so don’t know where that came from.


I let it dry then taped if off and put newspaper up. 


Since this is a fireplace, and it is supposed to get hot – I used High Heat paint that we found at my dad’s house when we were cleaning it up. 


Gave it a thin coat, let it dry for 20 minutes which I did other things around the house and gave it another coat.  The paint covers very well, so one coat would have been good, but I decided to give it two. 


Repeated the process for the bottom.  I could have done them at the same time, but that would have been too easy! 


Lookin’ good!


There you have it – I think it looks great!  Makes it look updated and it was a FREE update! 


I love before and after pictures, so here you have it – side by side. 

What do you think?

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