Monday, July 8, 2013

My Workouts


I am proud to say that I work out almost every morning!  I am starting a collection of workout videos – my goal is to buy one every month until I have enough I can rotate through and not get bored. 

My favorites so far:

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – LOVE this video, it is quick, intense, and most importantly it works!  I’ve done it many times (didn’t loose 20 pounds like the cover says but I didn’t expect to) and it always kicks my butt.

  The Biggest Loser: Boot Camp or Max Cardio – I have one and borrowed the other and both are great workouts.  Not as intense as the 30 day shred but good if you have an injury or are just starting.  You will still get a good workout and I like that it doesn’t require getting up and down all the time. 

Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 – My new favorite!  LOVE it!!  Similar to the 30 day shred, but different moves and I think it is a little more intense.  This video is also a little longer than the 30 day shred. 

Fit to Strip by Carmen Electra – I can’t find my copy but this is a great workout!  Good stretching at the end too!


Other videos I have:

Yoga Meltdown – not a huge fan of this video, it is a little too hip hop for me and I felt incredibly lost the entire time.  I will try it again since I love Jillian but I’m thinking it might not be for me.

Jillian Michael Kickbox FastFix – This was also a little too hip hop for me, but it was a decent workout.  I use this with the 30 day shred if I want more of a workout but it doesn’t feel like it is enough on its own. 

I only have 5 pound weights right now and a set of ankle weights, but I would like a more complete set of hand weights and a kettlebell. 

What are your workout goals? 

I’d love recommendations for workout videos you love too! 

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