Friday, July 19, 2013

Lunch Outfit


Happy Friday!

Today I went to lunch with the amazing ladies that I went to college with.  They are AMAZING and we haven’t all been together in years – way too long!

  My grandpa lost his battle to cancer in the final year of college – it was hard to say the least and there is no way I would have made it through without the support and encouragement of those awesome ladies.


I got this dress from Charming Charlie – Michael doesn’t like it but I think it is pretty fun!  Pair it with a black belt my SIL gave me and some red flats and it is a super comfy outfit for sitting and talking for hours. 

It was sure fun to catch up!

What is new with you?


Mike said...

you look amazing. Love the outfit. Wish we could see more outfits!!!! Ps. Love this blog.

Ellen Durrer said...

Super cute!! I try to steer clear of our CC store, my credit card starts to sweat if I get too close ;)