Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Road Trip – Northern Nevada

Michael and I decided to road trip it to Idaho … we’d never been and one of us (not me) wants to move there.  Michael loves driving and exploring, so it was fun just to sit back and enjoy the ride.  Our first day we headed through Nevada.  We stayed at my mom’s condo in Truckee to get a jump start on our drive – which was a great idea because we got to sleep in! 


Neither of us have been much farther than Reno, so it was interesting to drive on 80 to Wells. 


Sagebrush, dirt, sand, rocks and a few mountains were pretty much all we saw. 


All of these pictures were taken through the window driving down the highway, so they are not the best. 


I love agriculture and whenever I go anywhere, I like to see the commodities grown there.  Agriculturally speaking, Nevada seems to be a very desolate place.  We saw some hay and cattle, but that was it.  To learn more about agriculture in Nevada check this out.



This tunnel was pretty cool. 



Some awesome rock formations too. 



There is a Humboldt and a Beverly Hills – neither of which look anything like Humboldt or Beverly Hills in California. 


Beverly Hills


The clouds were just beautiful along our drive.  They were creating these huge shadows on the ground.  Michael and I were joking about the absence of trees and how they got shade from the clouds instead. 


Just before we left Nevada and entered Idaho, we saw a little slice of paradise

So, there you have it – our drive through Nevada.  Pretty uneventful and the scenery didn’t change much at all.  But, it was pretty in its own way.   

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Nicole said...

Kind of like driving through Kansas, the scenery never changes but to someone like me, beautiful scenery!!!