Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Wedding Reception …

Before I tell you about our reception, I just want to say that I am always taking pictures of everything but failed the day of our reception.  I could give you an excuse like, “The wind threw me off.” But, I won’t.  I didn’t take very many pictures, so here is what I have:


We had the reception in my sister’s backyard.  She has a beautiful yard and home and it was the perfect place for a BBQ style celebration. 


The wind was horrible all day, so we had to do the best we could and change A LOT, but it was still just beautiful! We tied the table cloths at the end so they wouldn’t blow away. It was my MIL’s idea. She is pretty smart and it looked cute too!


We tucked the burlap runners into the knot and place the mason jars on top. We had to fill them with water so they wouldn’t get blown down and I LOVE how it turned out.  So simple yet so beautiful!


When it got dark my MIL put candles floating on the water – it was absolutely beautiful!


The next day the wind was gone and it was perfect outside, so I set up the napkin and note like I had planned on doing.  It would have looked lovely!


We hung burlap bunting along the fence here and there.  It was hardly noticeable since the wind was so strong, but I still love it!


Since there was no wedding to witness we wanted to provide something to entertain our guests.  So, we decided on yard games!  Didn’t take pictures of them all, but I’m glad I caught the sign. 

We made a big tic-tac-toe board, giant dice, and giant jenga.


Here is the giant jenga.  It was a hit!  Our next project is to make a box to transport it in and that will serve as a stand when it is in use.

We also made all of the signs for the games out of old fence boards.


There was also a kid’s area with a slide, climbing structure, and plenty of tractors to play with.  We added an activity book, crayons, pencils, and bubbles.  I had to stuff it all in this bucket instead of placing the basket on the table so the activity books wouldn’t blow away.   


The activity book I made – found the idea on pinterest and took a few hours to create it.  It was fun and the kids seemed to enjoy having something they could do.


Food was one of the most important things for me – I love to eat and I think good food makes or breaks a party.

LOVE this menu chalkboard and me it out of an old empty frame we found in my dad’s attic – it had my mom’s maiden name on the back.  During the reception before the food was served, a gust of wind knocked it over and it shattered.  At least I got a picture before it broke!  

Michael’s dad marinated the Tri Tip and Pork Loins which were then cooked in a barrel.  It was fantastic!

We put together a simple green salad with romaine and spinach and topped with cheese, bacon, carrots, and grape tomatoes.  Ranch or Italian to top it off – yum!

I made (with some help of course) my sister’s famous loaded potato salad which was a huge hit!  It is amazing and includes bacon and ranch mix.  Seriously the best potato salad ever!

Michael’s mom got lots of fruit from Costco (which by the way has some pretty tasty fruit – I was VERY impressed), cut it all up and it was a both colorful and tasty side.

His mom also made her famous potato croissant rolls which are always good.  I tried to make them once and failed, so I’m glad she was willing to make them. 


We had a drink station set up (this picture was taken the next morning so picture mason jars in the middle) with lemonade and ice tea on one side and margaritas and long island iced tea on the other.  Then we had juice boxes for the kids, water, ice for the drinks, and beer in the ice chests below.  I really liked the set up around the wine barrel bar table.


I got the two blue mason jar style drink dispensers from Cost Plus World Market – when the clear is restocked I will be picking up two of those also.  LOVE them – so pretty!


For the alcoholic drinks, I wanted a different container – so there was a clear distinction between the two.  I bought two gallon jars (which I’ve always wanted but never, and still don’t, have a place for) and some punch servers.

Notice the labels?  Bought them at Michael’s for 30 cents each and painted them with chalkboard paint.  We labeled all of the food too.  Now we have labels we can reuse all the time!


I REALLY wanted s’mores but since it was so windy I knew we wouldn’t be able to light the fire.  Nothing you can do about the wind!  But, then there was a mini shower (yes, it was really windy AND it rained at our reception) and the wind died down.  Or was that before the shower?  I can’t remember, but it turned into the perfect weather for s’mores! 


My handsome nephew and his daddy roasting a marshmallow. 

Despite all we had to change and the weather, it was a beautiful BBQ and I’m so glad Michael and I got to celebrate with the ones we love! 

Enough about our reception – I want to hear about yours!  Please tell me what the best part of your wedding or reception was.  Or what the best part of the last wedding or reception you went to was. 


Mindy Swenson Kinnier said...

Super cute! I love the games!

Anna said...

Everything looks so lovely, you've inspired me to have a picnic this weekend :)