Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wedding Details–all the little things

I am so excited to start sharing some wedding and reception details and pictures with you! 
Since we got married in Tahoe in the February, I wanted my bouquet to pop against the white snow.  Red is my favorite color too, so that worked out perfectly!
I was a little worried about finding flowers the day of, but it all worked out!
We got the flowers the morning of our wedding and put the bouquet together with some floral tape and topped that with a strip of burlap which we pinned with straight pins.  Very simple to make and cost less than $20!
Michael is a hunter and my plan was to wrap a strip of his camo (Advantage Max 4 HD in case you are wondering) around the burlap.  A little touch of camo just for him. 
My sister in law surprised me (and made be bawl) with a gift the day before our wedding of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.  The something blue was a blue ribbon with a charm with dad’s picture attached and a note that I can’t retype because I am crying like a baby right now. Dad died just four months before our wedding, so having the charm meant a lot to me. 
The blue stood out too much, so we replaced it with a camo piece of fabric.  Dad was a camo junky meaning he wore it every chance he got – he wasn’t picky about the type of camo either – he loved it all.  It was perfect!
Speaking of something blue, I saw the idea on Pinterest to sew a blue heart onto your wedding dress.  My dad was a huge NRA supporter – he bought us all lifetime memberships for Christmas last year.  I still have his collection of NRA shirts – I don’t know what to do with them but I don’t want to throw them away.  So, I took a blue shirt, used a cookie cutter to trace a heart and sewed it right inside my dress. It is a nice representation of my dad and my something blue at the same time.
I am a very sentimental person, so I made sure I had something from my family to wear on our wedding day.  We didn’t have any family – just two close friends at our wedding (I’ll explain why in a later post) so I wanted to honor those who weren’t there. 
Pearl necklace – my mom gave this to me for my 21st birthday.  She also gave my sister a set for her birthday, so I felt like the necklace was a tie to both my mom and my sister.
Pearl drop earrings – this was the only non-sentimental piece of jewelry. I love them though and they worked our just fine!
 Wedding Ring – I might go into more detail in a future post, but my wedding ring is special not only because it is a symbol of our marriage and love for each other but the diamond was my grandma’s (mom’s mom).  It was put on a new band but is still a symbol of my grandparent’s love for each other and that means a lot to me. 
Heart bracelet – My grandpa (mom’s dad) bought this for me for my high school graduation.  It was the first gift he ever bought after my grandma passed away.  I LOVE this bracelet! 
Sparkly bracelet – this was borrowed from my SIL and was in the box I mentioned above. 

Something old – my grandma’s diamond (they were married 70 years ago)

Something new – my dress and my wedding band

Something borrowed – sparkly bracelet from SIL

Something blue – NRA heart from dad’s shirt sewn into dress

So, there are some of the details from our wedding!  I will be sharing more each Wednesday! 
What were your old, new, borrowed, and blue items?
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Kim Ricketts said...

LOVE all your details and the meanings!!!
My something new was my dress. Something blue was ribbon on the garter. Something borrowed was a pearl necklace from my mom.

Kim :)

Jensamom23 said...

What a beautiful post. Every item in your wedding was so lovingly thought out and executed. Simply beautiful!