Wednesday, June 12, 2013

End of School … Start of Summer

Last week was the end of school for us and this week has been the start of summer break.  This year the last day of school was especially bitter sweet.  It would have been dad’s birthday.  It is crazy to think back on the school year and see how much has happened.  This year has been the craziest school year of my life!

Here’s why:

- I accepted a new teaching position the same day I started working at my old school.  Then spent the first day of school in my old classroom and started training at my new school the next day – I’ve never had two first days of school only a week apart before!  This has been huge!  I can’t express how grateful I am to be at my current school.  They have been so supportive of this crazy year I have had.  I’ve never felt like an amazing teacher until I started working here – that alone has been worth the change and all the adjusting that comes with it!  Teaching is difficult and stressful but when you work at an amazing school it is all worth it! 

- Dad diedWe had his memorial and everything else that comes with losing a loved one … I don’t know how I got through some of the heartache that has come with this but I guess you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option. 

- Michael asked me to marry him and I finally said yes! We waited for some of the dust to settle to announce our engagement to our family and friends.  Then there were all the fun things that come with being engaged.  

- We got married! Then had our reception.  I am so thankful to be married to Michael – he is such an amazing man and I am a very lucky girl! 

- I started a business!  I am so excited to get healthier and help other live a healthy and happy life!  I’ve always loved helping people and this business will allow me to do just that.  

I’ll be honest – I’ve felt a little bipolar this year.  There have been incredible highs and horrible lows.  One day I am happy as happy can be and the next I am sad as sad can be.  But, that’s life!

What are the best and worst things that have happened to you this school year?

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