Friday, May 17, 2013

Introducing Shaklee …

My dad’s death in October was a wake-up call for me. I knew I needed to be as healthy as possible as Michael and I started our married life together. We’ve had love and now have a marriage … as the song says next comes a baby in a baby carriage. I knew I wanted to be healthy for our future family. No, I’m not pregnant – but someday I hope to tell you I am.
walking away
I know my food is the healthiest it can be.  I buy conventional produce from the grocery store and farmer’s markets.  I know that family farmers all over the country work hard to provide the best possible produce for me.  We eat lots of fruits and vegetables year round and also eat plenty of lean meat.  I admit I have a problem with bread and sweets – I eat way too much of both.  But, my food choices are healthy so I think I get a pass for that. I wanted to make the switch to natural cleaners.  I tried using vinegar and that works fine for dog grime on the wall, but doesn’t leave my floors or counters very clean.  I also tried other natural cleaners but they seemed to work like colored water … if I was going to clean with water I didn’t want to pay $6 a bottle for it. 

I found Shaklee about 2 years ago but hadn’t tried their products until a couple months ago. I like to do lots and lots of research on companies before I buy their products. I was impressed by everything I found. I wish I would have tried them sooner! They are an all natural company who prides themselves on providing the best and safest products to families all over the country. I LOVE the cleaning products – the best part about them is that they don’t give me a headache from the fumes. Now I’m not getting a headache while cleaning AND I am saving money using super concentrated Basic H instead of buying tons of bottles of various cleaners.

I fell so much in love with the products I decided to partner with them! I am just launching my business and I would love you to join me!

What are your favorite Shaklee products?  How do you keep your family as healthy as possible?

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