Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - fence project

The fence in our backyard is literally falling down - it has been since we bought the house and we have been patching and supporting the fence for the past two years.  We never really got around to talking to the neighbors about replacing it.  A few weeks ago the neighbors were replacing a small section of their fence, so I asked them about replacing the fence between our houses.  We could do the work ourselves and split the cost of the materials.  They agreed and we started on Friday after work. 
This is what the fence looked like on Friday afternoon.

We tore the fence down and put in galvanized metal posts (that way they will last and not rot like the wood posts had). This is how we left it on Friday night (actually this picture was the next morning because we didn't stop working until it got dark).

Then Saturday we worked and worked and now our fence looks like this.  It is so nice!  Now we just have the rest of the fence to do!

And just for fun here is my nephew - he is the cutest little guy ever!!  I watched him in the morning while we were putting up the fence. 

Happy Wednesday!  If this blogger cooperates this will publish as I am enjoying the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom Conference in San Francisco.  I am so excited about it and can't wait to tell you all about it!! 

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