Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guest Room Tour

Next stop on our tour is the guest bedroom.  We have done nothing to this room - oh, wait that is a lie - it was three colors when we moved (like the rest of the house) so we painted it a neutral color. 
Here is the view from the hallway.

A chair that used to belong to my dad's grandpa (I really have no idea who it used to belong to - mom will you leave a comment and tell us who really owned it).

The bed.  The frame is just beautiful and I LOVE it - my mom and dad bought it at a thrift store or something like that and loooong time ago and we got it when my mom got a new bed.  It makes noises when you sit on it and it is only a full but it is perfect and I love it.  The pillow (and the matching one on the chair) we bought at TJ Maxx for the couch but wanted more pillows on the couch, so we moved it in here.  The sheets and bed spread are both from Ross and we bought to go with the pillow. 

We did buy a mattress pad - one of those amazing memory foam ones for a great price at Kohl's the day after Thanksgiving a few years ago - which makes the not so great mattresses feel really nice. 

That's it! Pretty boring guest room - I would like to work on this room.  Some artwork on the wall, a pop of color (turquoise like in the pillow would be great), some curtains maybe.  A real side table and a lamp would be great too.

How do you make your guests feel at home?  I would love to read your suggestions for this blank room!

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