Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June is Dairy Month

Did you know that June is dairy month?

To celebrate, I would like to introduce you to Ellen and her blog Life on a Real California Dairy Farm

Ellen and her husband farm in Modesto, CA.  They are 4th and 5th generation dairy farmers and love to share their agriculture story!  Ellen is awesome!  She is a mom with two young kids just like many of you and she helps families all over the country develop a strong connection with their dairy.  She is very open about life on the dairy and will answer any questions you may have!   

My all time favorite post has to be this post where her son Clayton talks about the soakers in their dairy barn.  Pay close attention for her other son Cole repeating some of the phrases – he is hilarious! 

Also check out her virtual dairy tour – she took my class on an amazing virtual tour with Flat Aggie last year.  One of these days, I am going to head down there and go on a real life tour of the dairy!

She is also very talented with her pancake creations.  I love these patriotic pancakes but you can check them all out here

Be sure to also like her on facebook where you will find lots of dairy pictures and links!

For all sorts of dairy links visit the Progressive Dairyman’s pinterest board!

Happy Dairy Month!  How are you celebrating?

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