Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012 ...

I am generally a pretty positive person, yes - I complain a lot, but I like to find the good in things.  Unless I am hungry or tired them I pretty much hate the world. 
2012 has been a wonderful and a horrible year.  The first 6 months went pretty smooth ... Farm Day at my school was great and the Young Farmers and Ranchers conference was amazing. 

I got to attend a social media training in San Fran where I learned A TON and got to meet some really amazing farmers from across the country.  It was a great experience and I am so glad I went!
But starting in August my world has been turning around and around.
In August, only 2 weeks before school started there was an opening in a rural school - I wasn't ready to apply but I went for it knowing that I would regret it if I didn't.  To my surprise I got the position.  I LOVE my school!  I feel like my teaching career has been refreshed - I love it again!  I had to start the first day of school at my old school then get the rest of my things packed up and start professional development the next day at my new school - it was crazy with all of the packing and moving and staring at my normal sized new classroom and getting used to a new school!
Once I got settled at my new school, my dad got into an accident on his 4-wheeler.  He had hip replacement surgery and was doing very well. 
Michael finally asked me to marry him and I finally said yes
I am so excited to marry him!!!!!1
My dad took a turn for the worst.  The crazy demands of his family and the lack of support of his choices were hard to deal with while trying to put on a happy face for dad.  We rushed up after work on a Wednesday and Thursday morning he passed away.  It was and still is a huge mess of emotions - I miss him but he was ready to go. 
After his death there was more drama from his family that I could ever explain.  Death really does bring out the worst in people.  Dad's memorial was an amazing celebration of his life and I am happy to report that it was drama free! 
I was honored to receive Ag in the Classroom's Literacy for Life Award.  I got to travel down to Pasadena and spend a day mingling with farmers.  Gosh I love farmers!! 

2012 was an eventful year and I am looking forward to what 2013 brings!
Now, on to 2012 in posts ... The top 2 posts in 2012 were:
I can see why this was so popular!  I love the combo of pink and zebra and think it works perfectly for a baby shower or a bridal shower or even a birthday party. 
Great Careers in Agriculture
This was a guest post by my sister Shannon.  It is a short and to the point post that defends careers in agriculture after ag degrees were reported as useless by Yahoo. 

What was your favorite post from 2012?  What should I do more posts about in 2013? 

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Kim Ricketts said...

I am so thankful that I was able to get to know you better and become better friends in 2012! 2013 is going to be awesome!! I personally love seeing your good deal posts, or meal planning stuff, or fashion outfits, or pretty much everything lol!