Monday, March 26, 2012

Farm Tours in Modesto

 This weekend I attended the Young Farmers and Ranchers
Leadership Conference in Modesto.  On Friday we got the chance to take a few tours.  

Our first stop was Foster Farms - we got to tour the processing facility.  I was pretty nervous to see how the chickens get killed and processed.  I was not able to take pictures since there were no cameras or cell phones allowed in the building.  I was impressed with how clean everything was and how calm the chickens were before they were processed. 

Our second stop was AV Thomas Produce were they grow and ship sweet potatoes and yams. 

 Crates of yams in cold storage.  They are kept here for up to a year. 

 They grow and process both organic and conventional. 

 The plants get a head start.  Once they get big enough they will be transplanted by workers into the field. 

 Our third stop was Associated Feeds Grain Mill.  

 Some huge grain silos

 Soybean meal being unloaded from the train cars. 

 Freshly rolled corn. 

Our final stop was a wine tasting but I didn't take any pictures.  I am not a big wine drinkers - I am not really a wine drinker at all.

Overall it was a very tiring day.  But, I learned so much about our amazing ag industry and am very glad that I went!

What kind of farm, ranch, or processing facility would you like to tour? 


LindaG said...

Wine gives me a headache.
I'd love to tour a chicken place. And a beef place. And a pig place.
Farm or ranch.
Thanks for sharing this tour with us! Will read your blog more, but it's almost bed time for old fogies. ;o)
Happy Thursday to you!

Kim Ricketts said...

love your pics! I bet it was amazing to see everything on the tours! I am not a wine drinker either lol! Thanks for sharing!