Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flat Aggie visits the doctor

After visiting Blackland Research Center, Flat Aggie headed to the doctor!

Flat Aggie visits Scott & White Clinic in Temple, Texas 

Scott & White Clinic is a large healthcare organization that sees over 2 million patients a year in their many regional clinics.  They know all agriculture workers need to take good care of their health because ag jobs are often working hard outdoors in all kinds of weather.  Since it’s flu season – and it’s really bad here in Texas right now - we thought Flat Aggie should get checked out by Dr. Terry Rascoe who has patients who are farmers and ranchers.  Dr. Rascoe gave Flat Aggie a flu shot (everyone should get one!) and, just to be sure, ran a test to make sure Flat Aggie didn’t have flat worms.  All clear!  Flat Aggie is scheduled for pick up this afternoon by the owner of Fleming Grain and Cattle.  Enough of the city life – back to the farm for Flat Aggie!

Flat Aggie got a flu shot!!  I LOVE IT!  

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