Thursday, January 19, 2012

Great Careers in Agriculture

This is the first post from new guest blogger, and Big Sister, Shannon. Shannon was planning to just post about cooking, but then she just couldn’t help but comment on this issue.

This morning an article titled “College Majors that are Useless” appeared on Yahoo. Sadly this article includes three agriculture degrees – Agriculture, Animal Science and Horticulture – which do not deserve to be placed on such a list. I suppose the author must not be worried about eating or wearing clothes. As is typical in an attack on agriculture, the research and science is on our side.

FACT: Agriculture majors are in demand. Take a look at this report from the Center of Excellence. Overall, jobs in agriculture are expected to grow by 180,000 positions in California alone over the next five years. These numbers take into account the decrease in production jobs as a result of increasing efficiencies and mechanization.

FACT: Careers in Agriculture are well paid. The Center of Excellence found that in California careers pay an annual salary of $50,000 compared to the California average of $43,000.

FACT: The world population hit 7 billion in 2011. The population is expected to keep growing, but our limited resources will not grow. The professionals in agriculture will continue to work to produce more food on less land and using fewer resources. This will require more people working to make this happen.

So before deciding that a degree in agriculture is anything but a great route to a future career in a tremendously important industry, please review the facts. Oh, and maybe thank a farmer and all the agricultural professionals who provided the food for your table today, probably the shoes you are wearing and clothes on your back. I think I heard once that “hungry and naked” is where we would be without agriculture.


Sara said...

I just emailed Mr. Loose

What a stir you have caused Mr. Loose!

Have you realized the impact you have created in such a short amount of time by writing such a simple article?

I’m assuming (and probably correctly) that you are not friends with many people involved in agriculture, because if you were you would be witnessing what happens when you take aim at the agriculture industry. My facebook has been flooded by friends in the ag industry showing their support against your article. Next time you decide to discredit an amazing industry you might want to do more research than summarize a survey taken from a few companies (insert statistical joke here).

In case you missed it:
A facebook group created only a few hours ago in response to your article called “I Studied Agriculture & I Have A Job” was formed and at this second has almost 1,000 “likes” you might find many of the posts interesting to read, but that would require some investigative journalism which might be too much work for you.

“Great Careers in Agriculture” – Shannon Douglas posted a response to your recent article “The Importance of Agriculture”

and I could go on and on, but you probably have a few more emails in your inbox to get to…

Sara Eidman (Ag Business Major, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
Marketing Coordinator (Hired because I was an Ag Major)
Duarte Nursery (Ag Company, who at this very moment is hiring multiple positions)

Viktoria said...

Hey girl!

I'd love to know just how common this is:


Shannon said...

Viktoria - I can't get the video to play but the title seems to refer to cows with water beds. Cow comfort is very important to farmers - a comfy cow will produce more milk. As a result there re many ways they keep the cows comfortable, including water beds. Water beds are pretty common, as as sand for bedding and cows getting individual "stalls" with thick sand bedding. Maybe I will have to do a post on cow comfort!

Anonymous said...

Great blog post! Simple, to the point and correct. As for Sarah... Google Trent Loose... I don't think he's the one you want to attack. He didnt write the article and is an AWESOME ag advocate!

Jensamom23 said...

I could not agree more! It truly gets tiresome to be on the side of Ag that is consistantly being attacked for one thing or another. NIce job!

Sarah @ This Farm Family's Life said...

Several other bloggers are approaching this topic as well. Oh the fire that this article has started. Great post!

Bose said...

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