Friday, March 30, 2012

Rain is a Good Thing Bulletin Board

Two weeks ago I had to cancel our first ever Farm Day because of the rain.  It poured on and off all day.  We had rainy day recess the entire week (not Monday but pretty much the entire week).  Luckily, I was able to reschedule and it will happen (weather permitting) in a few weeks.  But, I was upset and my kids were disappointed, so instead of cursing the rain I decided to have my students brainstorm reasons rain is good.  It has been a dry winter and we need the rain but after a week of being cooped up inside were all tired of it.  This activity was fun and put us all in a better mood! 

First, we wrote a list of reasons rain is good.  
I wrote exactly what they said and didn't prompt them very much.  One of my students said it can fill lakes and I asked what else it can fill, but that was all the prompting I did.  With that being said, we have talked about this before - when we have to have inside PE or when they get tired of inside recess. 
How cute is the last good thing?  

 Then, we took our list and each chose one to put on a rain drop in our window.  I wrote the title on a cloud and all the rain drops came out of the cloud. 


"The strawberry needs water to grow big and huge.  We eat them."

Why do you think rain is a good thing?


Nicole said...

Even though I grew up on a farm, in 1st grade we got to go to the farm as a class trip. It was awesome! I'm so glad teachers still do this!

And my grandma used to back her car out of the garage every time it rained.

Hmiller said...

Awesome! I am loving this, I hope that more classrooms are able to make farm trips!


TexWisGirl said...

after the drought we had last year in texas, the sell-off of thousands of cattle because there was no hay or grass to feed them, the water worries of local towns because the lakes were incredibly low, i will never take spring rains for granted again. i am VERY grateful for rain! :) i know you are too!

Crystal Cattle said...

That's so cute! It is good for people to understand that rain isn't a bother, but important. I love the kid that had free car washes!

Kim Ricketts said...

This is too cute!! I love this lesson!