Saturday, March 3, 2012

Packing for a Trip

 When it comes to packing, I am no pro.  I don't travel very often and when I do pack it is usually for an over night stay.  So, when we were preparing for our trip to New Orleans, I was pretty happy with the way I packed.  It was 3 night, 4 day trip but I had to be prepared for a thunderstorm (which is what the weather was predicted to be) or a beautiful day.  So, this how I packed:

 I put all of my outfits out on the bed.  I know - this could easily be for a 10 day trip but I had no idea what to expect weather wise.  Packing like this saved me a lot of time and it eliminated me adding items to the top of my suitcase "just in case."  I feel like I packed less and used more of what I brought. 
This was a vacation so all the clothing was casual.  I stuck with colors that went well together (jeans are the neutral).  If I were packing for a business trip (ha - would that be teaching out of state?) then I would have chosen a neutral and based by outfits off of that. 

I put the dresses with what I planned on wearing them with; the coral dress with a jean jacket, a necklace, a strapless bra and boyshorts, and the jean dress with a belt, cardigan, boyshorts and a scarf.  You can also see my capri and striped shirt outfit.  I also brought leggings, 7 pairs of socks, a few undershirts, and at least 6 pairs of underwear. 

 I packed one pair of jeans (and wore one of the plane) and packed 4 shirts to pair with the jeans or my capris.

 I also brought two sweaters (on zip-up and one pull over), a black cardigan, a scarf, and workout clothes.

 I packed all of my jewelry in a bag so it would stay in one piece and not become a tangled mess.

 I put each necklace in a snack sized ziplock bag. 

 And it all fit perfectly in the adorable make-up bag I bought at the Gap Outlet for like a dollar the other day. 

 I brought a variety of shoes - boots, flip flops, flats, and sneakers (with my workout clothes).  I didn't know what the weather was going to be like so I was prepared.  I wore the sneakers on the plane since they are the bulkiest of the shoes I brought. 

 Everything fit perfectly in my bag. 

What I packed:
- jeans
- jean capris
- 2 dresses
- jean jacket
- 2 cardigans
- 4 shirts
- sweater
- 7 pairs of socks
- 8 pairs of underwear (2 boyshorts for the dresses)
- strapless bra
- regular bra
- 3 pairs of shoes (boots, flip-flops, and flats)
- belt
- workout clothes 
- PJs (not pictured above)
- jewelry (which I didn't wear)
- leggings
- makeup and showering stuff

What I wore on the plane:
- jeans
- undies, a bra, socks and an undershirt (like I needed to write that)
- purple shirt
- sneakers
- sweater

Leaving the other half for snacks Michael's clothes.  If I was traveling alone (and owned a carry on bag) then this would have easily fit in a carry on. 

I put my showering supplies and makeup on top. And, I had plenty of room for my snacks in the pocket on the outside of this bag.

What are your packing tips?


WeldrBrat said...

Anytime you're flying to a destination for a stay beyond just overnight... don't mess with packing toiletries. Hit Walmart at your destination and pick up the "travel-size" items in cosmetics. It's just not worth the hassle with TSA. That quart-size bag really won't hold much of anything. (Obvious - some male pushed that rule.)

Whenever you are leaving to go to ANY COUNTRY OUTSIDE the USA... Do Your Homework!!!!

First - find out what the requirements are for entrance through customs. If they don't refuse to board you at home, first - you WILL lose your return trip expense and be forced to buy another ticket... directly back to the U.S..

(Would you believe there are countries that won't allow guys to pass through customs wearing T-shirts - having hair below the collar line or unshaven!)

Learn the culture. Learn the laws.

Anybody traveling to other countries without doing that deserves landing in jail when they break that country's laws! We may not do anything about somebody chewing gum in public. But - believe it or not... Singapore once had that illegal! Still may! Might not make sense. But that doesn't matter. Their country. They can make all the laws and rules they want.

I don't miss working at that ticket counter, one bit! LOL

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Well, I haven't had to pack for a long trip for awhile...but I do the same thing you do...lay out an outfit a day!

Viktoria said...

I think you did great! I'm a chronic UNDER packer. One time I actually went home for a week and took 1 shirt & 4 pairs of pants. I have NO idea what I was thinking!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for your advice Weldrgirl! I would have never known that some countries put restrictions on those entering.

Viktoria - wow! I could never under pack.

Kim Ricketts said...

I think you should pack my stuff for my next vacation!! You are so organized!

Sara said...

You can forget your toothbrush , you can forget your underwear but you can't forget your phone today , so stay alert because now we only get in touch if you get a whats up download