Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Photo Shelves!

In our family room there is a wall that I displayed a bunch of photos on.  Loved my display (even though a picture is sideways – I’ve been meaning to change that) but we used some of the frames for the photo display at dad’s memorial.  Two are missing – kind of ruins the photo display.


I have been wanting to put up shelves, but like the sideways picture I never got around to it.  Enter my momma … she is amazing.  She is retired now and bored with nothing to do all day (lol – she is not bored at all but she’ll laugh reading this)!  So, she made me some 10 dollar shelves cut just the perfect length for this wall.  Then … (you’re not going to believe this) she painted them, and came over to put them up for me!!  I told you she is amazing!!  


The space is transformed and I can add or take away pictures whenever the mood strikes! 


I love the dimension of stacked frames and the interest created by using frames of different height.  I’m still playing with the layout but I LOVE my new picture shelves!!

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Kim Ricketts said...

WOW!!! Your mom is a rock star!!! That looks awesome!!!

Kim :)