Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Goal Accomplished!!

One of my personal goals this summer was to wear shorts … seems like a silly goal but I NEVER were shorts in public unless they are knee length.  I just feel like I weigh too much and I am not comfortable even buying normal length shorts.  Thanks to my protein smoothies and exercising I’ve lost about 20 pounds!  More exciting than that I went down 3 pant sizes!!  The shorts I bought at the beginning of the summer are too loose now!

Today is my last day of summer.  It flew by, but this school year should be amazing, so I am kind of excited to start back to work.  I decided to share these pictures on my last day of summer: 


I’m not wearing makeup, I didn’t brush my hair, my shirt looks all funky, and I am pale – but I LOVE these shorts!!! 

I went from one knee length pair of shorts to three normal short length shorts.  I’ve worn all three pairs in public and felt comfortable in them (even with my pale legs).  


As soon as Chance saw I was taking pictures in his spot, he ran over to claim it.  He is such a funny puppy!!

I still have a few pounds to shed to reach my ultimate goal, but I am happy, happy, happy that I reached my summer goal!! 

Did you have a summer goal?


Leslie said...

I didn't really have a summer goal, but I'm still working on my own weight loss goal. Congrats on yours! Your shorts look awesome and I'm with you on the shorts thing prior to weight loss. I have a couple pairs that I'd wear around the farm, but now they even look silly because they're so huge around the legs. I just bought a few pairs of more athletic style shorts and I've worn them in public. It's a pretty big change!

Viktoria said...

Good for you, Sarah!! You look great! I had to learn to love my legs years ago. While I think they are fat, I get told all the time how awesome they look because they are so muscular. And it's a good thing I've learned to love them because I'm almost all legs!! :) Happy last weekend of freedom!!

Nicole said...

Oh congrats! You look fabulous!

Regina Partain said...

You look fantastic. Congratulations on your progress this summer and meeting your goal