Monday, August 5, 2013

Pear Pickin’

Last weekend we headed down to the Delta to our favorite pears farmer’s stand to get some pears.  I LOVE pears and the family that runs this farm is awesome!

I would tell you about the first time I met them and how hilarious Michael (not my Michael but Amber’s Michael) was but he would be embarrassed so I’ll be vague and say I met them at the Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference in Modesto last year


Double M Farms is located in Walnut Grove, CA and is a third generation family farm.  They have a diverse farm and grow wheat, corn, alfalfa, pears, and other commodities.  They also have a hunting preserveRead their history here.

If you are wondering about the Delta Grown sign – find out more here.  It is a scenic drive along the Sacramento River with farms that give tours and/or have a farm stand.  I’ve never done it, but maybe during passport weekend I will. 


This sign is so cute!


They have a u-pick area which is an adorable mini orchard (that is my description not theirs) just perfect for pear pickin’. 


Tons of pears hung from every branch ready to be picked. 



Someday I will have a nice little orchard at my house … someday. 


The perfect pear just begging to be picked!


Along with the u-pick area they have a farm stand.  The fridge outside hold eggs from their hens which are available year round. 


Pears are available by the box with is about 50 pounds and only $40.


They are also available by the bag – this brown bag is about 10 pounds and is $10


and this white bag is about 5 pounds for $5.  We bought a box and a brown bag – we go the pre-picked pears but next year I will be bringing Heman to pick pears.  I think he would love it – especially running up and down the rows of trees.   

If you live in the Sacramento area, I would highly recommend taking a scenic drive down to the delta and while you are there – grab some pears from Double M Farms!  But, you will have to hurry – last weekend was the last weekend for u-pick and the pre-picked pears will only be available through August or until they run out. 

I’d love to hear from you … what would you do with 60 pounds of pears?

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