Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flat Aggie

I am VERY EXCITED to show off Flat Aggie.  This I am running pretty late since life got in the way, but Flat Aggie is ready to go!

We made Flat Aggie last year but, I did it a little different this year.  We read Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown then I showed them a few of Flat Aggie's adventures from last year.  They got really excited and wanted to make their own.  Instead of making just one and have it get lost in the mail, we each made one but we had to make them look alike so they would look about the same in pictures. 

I didn't take any pictures as we made them, but we started at the feet and talked about what kind of footwear people that visit farms should wear and voted on the color, and all the way up.  I have a class full of girls this year, but we voted on making it a boy since it already kind of looked like a boy and the hair would be easier to make (aren't kids the cutest?).

We then made the envelopes and my amazing helper laminated them for us.  I spent the first part of my break cutting them out and now they are ready to go!

I am very excited about our Army of Aggies and all they will learn this year! 
My kids made a list of things they wanted Flat Aggie to learn about:
- how money is made (since money is made from cotton)
- how cottonseed oil is made
- learn about a cotton bale
(can you tell we are in the midst of our cotton unit)
- how cows are milked
- how ice cream is made
- lots of my kids want to learn everything about agriculture
If you were in my class, what would you want Flat Aggie to learn? 
Where would you want him to visit?


Leslie said...

I just wish I could take your class. Sounds like you have TONS of fun.

I'd want to learn about raising meat goats, maybe what farms used to look like verses the modern advances that we have now.

Jensamom23 said...

Love it!

Katie @ Pinke Post said...

You are a rock star teacher and I always wish I was in your class!

Jan said...

Flat Aggie has already been busy here in Minnesota. He went to the Midwest Dairy Expo on Tuesday and tomorrow he helps milk cows and feed calves!