Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scrap Wood Flag Project

 I made a flag out of scrap wood - it was a simple afternoon project and most of the time was spent waiting for the paint to dry.  Here is what I did:
 You'll need a rectangular piece of wood, red, white, and blue paint, a tape measure, stars, and some painter's tape. 

 Having a sweet dog lay at your feet is an added bonus!
Paint your wood white - I gave it two coats. 

 Then measure out and tape stripes.  My painter's tape was 1 1/2" so my stripes are 1 1/2" - next time I would like to try 1" painters tape and see how that looks. 

 Paint two coats of red.

 Take off the tape. It's starting to look like a flag!

Stick as many stars as you can on - then tape with painter's tape (not shown since my red was still wet and I am impatient)

 Two coats of blue and remove the painter's tape. 

Peel off the stars
And enjoy your flag!  This would be perfect for the mantel or with a coat of poly it would make a nice porch decoration.  It was a quick and easy project that would be perfect for Veteran's Day!


Viktoria said...

I love this! Never would have thought to use those little star stickers!!

Jensamom23 said...

This looks terrific!

Jan said...

Hi Sarah, I tried to direct message you (my address) on Twitter but it wouldn't let me since you don't follow me. :(