Thursday, May 10, 2012

How we Made Flat Aggie

I hope you are enjoying all of the Flat Aggie adventures!  I know I sure am! My kids are learning so much from it and are having so much fun!

We started by reading the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  I then used my teacher magic to get the students to suggest that WE make a Flat Stanley.  If you are a teacher, you know exactly what I am talking about - if not, we talked about Flat Stanley until someone said it would be cool if we were flat.  Then, I got them really excited about that and went from there. 

 I printed this template (from the blog ARTventures) for each student then made a larger version for the class. 

 While each student colored their own flat person, I called each group to color one part of our person. 

 Yes, you read that right - 4 (or more) kids colored each part together. 

 They even had to agree on what color to make each part. 

 I even made then do the head together.  I will admit, that was interesting.  When we got to the hair I had the class vote on boy hair or girl hair and girl hair won. 

 I fixed her up a little then glued her onto a file folder so she would be sturdy. 

 She went on a test adventure in our classroom ...

 Then, I laminated her and typed out instructions on a manila envelope and decorated it for her. 

The reason why I had the class color Flat Aggie together was for buy in.  When kids see something that they created they LOVE it.  Since all of the kids worked on it together they all have buy in and they all love it!

** When we made the Flat Aggie army, each group made their own (smaller than the original) version and they colored it together. **       


Need A Latte Mom said...

Loved when my kids did that, it was so much fun!

Viktoria said...

Love Flat Aggie!!