Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Black and White and Red All Over!

Hello, my name is Sarah and I used to be a style blogger.  I stopped blogging my daily outfit because I was so tired of a few people (who were anonymous) commenting every day on my posts saying I should wear 25" heels - maybe I am exaggerating a little - they would say I should be wearing 5" heels.  I am a first grade teacher and I am 5'6" - that is not tall but it is much taller than a first grader.  As it is I need to bend over or get down on my knees to help them with work at their seats.  My back, neck, and knees would really take a beating if I were to wear higher heels than I do now.

With that being said I miss style blogging - really I do!  So, I have decided to post an experimental post and see how it goes.  Style goes hand and hand with ag - all of my clothes are made of cotton or another ag product.  If this post is received well then I will post outfits about once a week or so - they will not replace my current posts but will be in addition to them.  

Also, I must say that comments that I deem as rude will be deleted.  I hope that before you post a rude comment your momma will pop into your head and say in her mom voice, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"  I will not delete constructive comments - like, "Oh, Sarah I love those heels - you should try wearing them with jeans!"  But I will be deleted comments like, "Sarah - you look short and stumpy you need to be wearing higher heels."  Get it?  Good!  Here we go:

Hello All!!  Today is Everybody Everywear - black and white day!  
Black + White | Everybody, Everywear
I LOVE black and white together but just can't do black and white without a pop of color.
The only picture I got outside before it got too dark. 

It has been a long time since I took an outfit post and I almost cut off my head in these pictures, but lucky for you you get to laugh (with me) at my strange expressions. 

Just so you know I wore the blazer all day and the button came off before school started (which is both sad and hilarious)!

Blazer: Gap (thrifted)
Top: Ross
Pencil skirt: NY&Co (my favorite pencil skirt!)
Tight: Spanx via Nordstrom's Rack (best tights EVER)
Heels: Circa Joan & David via Marshalls

There you have it - my first outfit post over here!  What do you think?


Thessa said...

Welcome back to blogging! Love the red pops of color in your outfit. And I'm 5'0" and I think flats are a-okay, so you should do what you want to do ;).


Fashion By Alicia said...

Welcome back! I love your black and white look and the pop of color from your shoes and scarf!

Faith said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear you got comments like that! I love the stripes and the red you have going here...and those heels suit you! :)

Leslie said...

I think this will add an interesting mix to your blog. I however, will NEVER be encouraging you to wear higher heels. I hate wearing heels, not to mention how bad they are for your body. I'm sure glad I'm in the business I'm in, because I'd be in a world of hurt if I had to dress up every day. I love my running shoes (which ironically, I never run in).

Sam said...

People telling you to wear heels? Seriously? I'd suggest heels if it works for the outfit, but to make you look taller on your blog? That's just ridiculous. That said, I love this outfit too much haha. Something I'd be wearing if I had full access to my closet. So cute on you!

My Growing Obsessions

Viktoria said...

People wrote mean comments on your other blog? How did I never notice?! So rude of them.

I am so happy to see an outfit post! I was wondering if you weren't doing it because it didn't fit in with Ag, but I think it's great You could really talk up natural fibers!

Love those stripes!! I really need to jump on the Everybody Everywhere bandwagon. Not sure how I always miss it!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this outfit! The pops of read against the black and white are great color scheme! Your scarf is my favorite. How did you tie it in that specific knot? It's adorable and I want to try it.


Anonymous said...

Visiting from EBEW. Your B&W outfit is very pretty esp. with red accessories! Agreed...if you don't have anything nice to say...shouldn't open your mouth.

Jess said...

Great outfit combination. Hope you come back to fashion blogging!

heidi said...

wow, i can't believe people would leave such comments. i think that would be enough to push me away from it for a while too, but i'm glad that you posted an outfit picture, you look great in your black & white today!

Anonymous said...

This is such a classic outfit that would work for so many occasions. The scarf and shoes are the perfect pops of color.

And as for these people telling you to wear 5" heels...they're nuts. Usually when I see a blogger wearing sky high stilettos, I want to call shenanigans. There's no way anyone "runs errands" (or does anything other than posing/sitting) in those things.

Nicole said...

I really love the scarf look but it's not something I could pull off. I always feel like I'm suffocating or something. Same way with turtle necks, maybe someday I can :). But that is such a cute outfit. Definitely something I'd wear!

And come, I'm not for the 5" heels, although I like them, I'm only an inch shorter than my husband, I'd tower over him, but they are bad on your feet.

Candy Apple Fashion said...

You look so pretty! I love the stripes with the red. The blazer really completes the look. You look so fab!

teresa said...

Love the outfit, especially the red heels! Red is my favourite colour. I love wearing black and white with a splash of red. :)

Cathy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
andimaxx said...

Welcome Back Sarah. I am glad to see you again. Delete all the bad comments and continue posting your outfits.