Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Christmas

Prime rib for dinner on Christmas Eve. 

My adorable nephew, Heman, opened presents. 

He got a gun from his uncle (my brother) ... at 7 months old he just may be the youngest gun owner!

He loved his moose. 

He got some John Deere toys and a garbage truck - he loves the wheels!

I made some yummy pies (this picture was the extra filling and topping - no crust) for Christmas dessert. 


Viktoria with a K said...

yum! The apple pie filling makes me sad that I skipped the apple pie this year. I made cookies instead.

Leslie said...

I've got you beat on the youngest gun owner. My husband's uncle bought our oldest (now 7) a Red Ryder bee bee gun when he was born. Because my husband and his uncle love A Christmas Story so much, my oldest will forever be known as "Ralphie" to that uncle and the little one will always be "Randy". What would kids do without uncles?!?!?!