Monday, December 12, 2011

Chuck Roast and Baby Carrots

I LOVE my slow cooker ... all I have to do is set it up to cook in the morning and dinner will be ready when I get home!  Coming home to the smell of dinner is always great.  I use it about once a week in the winter. 

This time I cooked a chuck roast. 
Put the chuck roast in.

Add some baby carrots

Baby carrots are NOT carrots that are young, they are cut up and peeled carrots. 
Here is a great little video showing how baby carrots are made:

If you want to know about the "inventor" of baby carrots - here is more than you will ever need to know about baby carrots.

Now, back to the slow cooker ...
Cut up some red potatoes and add them.

Add a cup of water and some salt, pepper, and garlic powder (I put about 1/2 tsp of each).

Put the lid on, set it to low for 8 hours. 
Come back after a long long day at work and enjoy!  The meat just falls apart. 

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Jent said...

Looks good - I don't know why but I never thought about adding the garlic powder - will have to give that a shot!

Viktoria with a K said...

Yummmm soo good!!

Darcie (My Modern Country) said...

This is the exact meal we had last night! My crockpot is my best friend-there really is nothing like coming home from work and having a great meal (already prepared), just can't beat that aroma when you walk in the house :)

Kimberly said...

This looks great, and easy! I love my crock pot, I definitely need to use it more!