Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Decorations

We decorated our house in time for the dessert and drinks party we had last weekend. 

Our decorations are very simple.  here is a look at our dining room and bar area.

The dining room table.

Some garland my mom was getting rid wrapped around a candle holder I got at The Will the day after Thanksgiving (for $1.50), some ornaments and candle holders from Ikea.  All inside a tray I made for the table. 

Remember the platter holder? I added some over sized ornaments I got on super sale the day after Christmas a few years ago and look how nice it looks all dressed up for Christmas!

I love the red snowflake against the white platters!

And a reindeer family that my grandpa made years and years and years ago (before I was born maybe). 

I put random things in the hutch - just a little something here and there to give it a Christmas feel.  Like some red beads my mom was getting rid of and some more garland in a pitcher.  Holly and a pine cone on the cake stands. 

And a pine cone in a margarita glass. 

Another over sized ornament and some garland. 

Here is our beautiful tree!  Michael decorated it and it is just perfect!

We have a lot of duck ornaments since Michael is a duck hunter.  This ornament I bought at a Christmas store in Truckee (?) with his mom and sister after Christmas last year. 

A pink ribbon - Michael's mom is a breast cancer survivor. 

I wish we could find an orange ribbon for Leukemia or a cancer sucks ornament would be even better!

We have a few John Deere ornaments. 

My amazing mom used to make egg ornaments - we have two on our tree. 

My graduation ornament - I graduated with my B.A. 5 years ago - WOW!!

A Canada Goose ornament Michael's mom and sister brought back from their trip to Canada this summer. 

We have like 500 dog ornaments on our tree (and 1 cat).  Ok, seriously we have at least 5. 

And to top it all off we have this beautiful amazing wonderful star that I just love!!

And the bar ...
We put a random table in the corner with the chalkboard, my grandpa's old guitar, and a hurricane glass full of ornaments.  LOVE this corner!!
My grandpa made this reindeer, sleigh, and Santa set.  Why are there only 5 reindeer you ask?  Well, they are pretty old and the Christmas before my grandpa died Michael was hanging something on the mantel at our old house.  My dad and I were sitting on the couch and Michael dropped the thing (it was a wooden stocking) right on the reindeer.  A few reindeer lost their life that day ... We took them to my grandpa's house so he could fix them but he was battling cancer (we didn't know it yet but he had been for 4 years).   After he died they disappear from his office.  So, now we have only 5 reindeer. 

Here is a close-up of the sleigh.  That wonky looking elf - I have no idea where it came from but we have had this set since we were kids and we must have thought it was perfect.  We also wrapped all of those presents as kids.  Every year I think about making new presents but then I don't because they are pretty old and dated but I still love them!

So, there is it - our dining room and bar area all decorated for Christmas!  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and get to spend some time with those that you love!

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I want to know how to get that zebra display. Can you get me any info